Penn State: Ten Ways to Know You Are a Fan of the Nittany Lions

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Penn State: Ten Ways to Know You Are a Fan of the Nittany Lions
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I know the Big 10 Season is winding down, but for the remaining three weeks, I will be publishing a list of 10 reasons to recognize yourself as being a fan of the opposition to Ohio State. 

Before anyone gets upset, please remember this is all in good fun, and I will at the end of the season be publishing 10 reasons you know you are an Ohio State fan (just to be fair). 

Ultimately, it will lead up to the most enjoyable part of making fun of Michigan. 

Here are 10 ways to recognize the fact that you just might be a fan of Penn State:

10. Your grandfather played for the current head coach.

9. You start every sentence with "We Are..."  (until the last couple of years, you began to start sentences with "We were...")

8. You have three CDs of different variations of the "Lion Roar" (I am sick thinking about the annoying roar this weekend already).

7. You know at least three people who know how to cook homemade comfort food, ride in a horse and buggy, and make great furniture.

6. You have seen exactly zero uniform changes since television began broadcasting in color.

5. Your biology class "radomly" calls for a "white out" for the biggest frog dissection in recent memory.

4. You either plan on, or actually did have the first dance at your wedding to "Zombie Nation."

3. You have to catch a cab to get to your mailbox.

2. "Damp" and gray are your unofficial team colors.

1. You think Ohio State is your big rival.

Please do not throw tomatoes just yet....Go Bucks! 

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