My Top Five: Most Popular and Most Hated WWE Superstars

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My Top Five:  Most Popular and Most Hated WWE Superstars
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Rather than compile my own top 5 list for both most popular and most hated WWE superstars, I have chosen to compile a combined list of my top 5 most popular and most hated WWE superstars (divas will be included).

Here we go:

Coming in at No. 5 for most popular is Kelly Kelly.  The 5'5" blond beauty from Jacksonville, Fla., has really turned the heads of the male fans in attendance wherever Kelly competes.

I had the pleasure of watching Kelly compete in a six-diva tag team match at the Verizon Center on July 27 with Gail Kim and Mickie James and I give Kelly a lot of credit for displaying wrestling skill and she is not only smart, sexy, and powerful, but Kelly is one heck of an athlete!

In at No. 4 for most hated is Jillian.  If you ever hear this tone-deaf bimbo try to sing, cover your ears!  Not only can Jillian not sing, but she makes Britney Spears sound really good! 

Jillian and Chavo Guerrero not only had the gall to try to sing in front of Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon (with the Great Khali as guest judge), but Jillian got the taste smacked out of her mouth by Sharon for her smart-mouth comments. 

Khali gave Chavo an overhand chop to the noggin for his troubles as well.  Jillian, whatever you do, don't quit your day job (whatever it might be).

In at No. 3 for most popular is Rey Mysterio.  Sure, I can understand how Rey must be feeling after being betrayed by his longtime friend Batista at Bragging Rights and despite his plea to Batista, Rey got the "cold shoulder treatment" from Batista who said he only cares about himself. 

I feel your pain, Rey, but there are plenty of best friends for you to look for.  May I recommend Primo Colon?

In at No. 2 for most hated is Batista.  Hey Animal, what the hell is wrong with you?  At one time, I was proud to be a fan of yours and I have an autographed photo of yours in a frame in my living room. 

Now, you go and stab Rey in the back for thinking he cost you the world heavyweight title at Bragging Rights?  Get your story straight, you two-faced fink! 

Rey said if his friendship with you got in the way of his quest to win the world heavyweight title, then he felt he did what he had to do. 

I am not only disappointed with you, but I am disgusted by your actions toward Rey.  You've lost one fan and that fan is me!

At No. 1 for most popular is Mickie James.  I must admit that I was surprised when Jillian pinned Mickie to win the WWE Divas title, but when Melina beat Jillian to win the belt, I was happy. 

I am proud to be a Mickie James fan and although Mickie is now with Friday Night SmackDown, I am hopeful Mickie will win championship gold in the immediate future (when?  I don't really know).  Good luck in your quest, Mickie; I will be rooting for you.

That concludes my top 5 of the most popular and most hated WWE superstars.

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