Who Is Liam Coen?

Chris TucciContributor IJune 9, 2008

Who is Liam Coen?

UMass Football has been on the radar for some time now, yet, due to the fact they are not a Division I A program, they do not get the recognition that they deserve.

Sure, there is Appalacian State, who beat Michigan last year, but there are many good I AA programs that do not get the respect that they deserve.

It is because of this that Liam Coen is not a name that is brought up often in College Football conversation.

Being rated only a one star recruit in 2004 by Rivals.com, Coen chose to commit to UMass to play football.  Little did UMass know that this 6-2, 190 pound kid out or Providence, RI would become one of the best quarterbacks that UMass Football has seen lately.

Coen's numbers are very impressive.

In 2005, Coen threw for 2175 yards, 10 touchdowns and seven interceptions in only 10 games in his freshman year.

In Coen's sophomore year, he threw for 3016 yards, 26 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in 15 games.  A strong sophomore year from Coen helped lead UMass to the I-AA finals.

In 2007, Coen had his best year throwing for 3091 yards, 30 touchdowns and 14 interceptions in only 13 games, two less than the year before.

So what can we expect from Coen next Season?

Coen looks better than ever, with good arm strength and ball placement.  He will have a group of very capable receivers that should help his numbers this season, although the loss of Rasheed Rancher will hurt.

Coen has the set up to have a very good senior season.

What makes Coen so special?

Well, for one thing, he is the centerpiece of a UMass offence that is usually led by a strong running game.

This year, Coach Brown will hopefully utilize Coen's passing ability and use the running game to compliment his passes.

Coen is a tough kid.

Last season he played with a banged up knee and his play did not falter one bit.

He has taken some hard shots and has gotten right back up, while he continued to do what he does best— throw the ball and help UMass' potent offense going.

Coen is someone to watch during this upcoming season.

While I-AA teams do not get the love that they deserve, getting a chance to see this Coen play will certainly not disappoint anyone.