If Its In The Game Its In The Game: 10 Things EA Should Add To NCAA 2011

aaron keyCorrespondent INovember 6, 2009

EA sports motto: "If it's in the game it's the game!", shortened to " It's in the game", is synonymous with video gaming to college football fans. Every year a little bit more of the pageantry, tradition, and relevancy is added to the game.

With that said, here are the ten things that will take your virtual college football experiance over the top!

1. Your the coach of your favorite team, you now get a vote in the coaches poll. No you don't actually vote in it, but you do have the option to pass it off to a grad assistant, athletic director, or your public relations guy. Just don't let them pick the preseason all conference team. That means you South Carolina fans!

2. Helmets flying off. This has become such a prevelant part of the game for the past few years, I'm surprised it hasn't already made it in. 10 or 12 times a game should do it.

3. Change infractions to include fishing trips, laptops, and dinners/workouts with former NFL players.

4. In game music. Heighten your game experience with tunes before big third down plays. AC/DC's Hell's Bells is the default track.

5. Heisman websites. If you have a player that even remotely has a snowball's chance for this postseason award, then crank up the hype machine! Note: This will not be needed if your playing with Notre Dame, or have a past winner on your team.

6. PR firms. If your favorite team just happens to belong to a nonautomatic qualifier, no problem, just fire up that PR firm to get that extra push!

7. SEC and Big Ten officiating mode. Turn this on if your perennial power needs that extra push to stay in title contention. Note: Best results were found for Florida, Michigan, Ohio State, and even USC. Not recommended for Arkansas or Indiana.

8. Rivalry and big game uniform changes. Think your team needs that extra boost to win the big ones? Spit in the face of tradition, and get the edge your team's been needing. Default color is black.

9. Post game interactions. Pat the opposing players on the back and tell them "good game", or rub it in your opponents face, just be ready for the Blades of Steelesque fight screen. Note: Built in boosts for Oregon, Miami, and FSU.

10. Brandon Spikes'  eye gouging mini game. Incorporating the faces of well known sportscasters and personalities is a common formula for EA. Here Brandon Spikes cashes in on his notoriety to add to his soon to be NFL riches. Building on the gang tackling feature added to last years game, any pile up will result in entering the Brandon Spikes mini game. In this mini game a sequence of button presses will result in a pass or fail. Hit it just right and the opposing player will immediately leave the game with injury. Fail and your player will recieve a lenient suspension after the game. Note: This feature can be turned off if you prefer sportsmanship.

With these 10 things to make your virtual experience that much more real, we can truly say, "It's in the game"


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