Mark Teahen To White Sox? A Rumor That Would Be Beneficial To All

Jordan BrattCorrespondent INovember 5, 2009

SURPRISE, AZ - FEBRUARY 25:  Mark Teahen #24 of the Kansas City Royals poses for a portrait during spring training on February 25, 2008 at Suprise Stadium in Surprise, Arizona.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

In a town where winning is rare, player character is one element fans focus too much attention on.

For what it's worth, though, Mark Teahen is a model citizen and a pleasure to be around.

So was Allard Baird and he set the Royals back years by neglecting the farm system and encouraging incompetent scouting.

Both of these individuals were in over their heads due to the positions they were put into by this franchise.

With the recent rumors that Teahen may be headed to the Chicago White Sox for second baseman Chris Getz and third baseman/outfielder Josh Fields it is only fair to analyze the repercussions of such a move.

Mark Teahen is as good of a three, four, or five hitter as Allard Baird was a general manager.

This is not meant to bash Teahen's abilities because he does many things very well, but he has been misused his entire time in Kansas City. That is causing him to press for performance which is leading to mediocre results. 

He could benefit from a fresh start.  If he goes to a team like the White Sox he would also be pushed down in the batting order allowing him to play free. His career could benefit from a move like this.

From the Royals standpoint, this trade would be saying a lot.

First, in picking up a 26-year-old second baseman you may as well be telling Alberto Callaspo to pack his bags. 

Callaspo had a breakout season in 2009, and the time may be perfect to trade him to an offensive-minded ball club and snag some prospects.

Additionally, Chris Getz has base stealing speed. Not just "good" speed like the Royals have been topping out at of late. He could provide a top-of-the-order presence.

Second, it is put up or shut up time for Alex Gordon. 

By adding Josh Fields, who may be in the same boat career-wise while batting from the opposite side of the plate, the Royals are making it clear to Gordon that he will not be gifted his role any longer.

Third, the payroll savings allot the club some shopping money.

Getz and Fields are not yet arbitration eligible and are due to make a combined $811,000 while Teahen is arbitration eligible and may demand as much as $5 million.

This deal is about changing the image of our club by choosing speed and defense over sexier stats like batting average. 

The deal is also about motivating our lethargic millionaires to see if they are more hype or hope.