MLB Power Rankings

D.A.Senior Writer IJune 9, 2008

Team Rankings

1. Boston Red Sox—Winner of eight out of the last 10, including crucial wins over the hot Rays.

2. Chicago Cubs—Best record in the majors, and winning roadtrip.

3. Philadelphia Phillies—Swept the Braves, and Chase Utley is playing like the MVP.

4. Los Angeles Angels—Won  seven in a row before a heartbreaking loss to Oakland.

5. Chicago White Sox—Won seven in a row; Ozzie's rants are genius.

6. St. Louis Cardinals—Only 2.5 games behind the Cubs, and Pujols is finally heating up.

7. Tampa Bay Rays—Starting to cool down, and injuries will harm them.

8. Oakland A's—Were surging, and took one from the Angels.

9. Arizona Diamonbacks—Starting to cool down after a hot start

10. Florida Marlins—It looks like the inexperience is finally beginning to show—lost 6 of the last 10.

11. Milwaukee Brewers—Were streaking, but then lost two to Colorado.

12. Toronto Blue Jays—Sitting at .500, lost seven of 10.

13. Atlanta Braves—Sitting at .500, lost seven of 10.

14. Houston Astros—Sitting at .500, lost eight of 10.

15. Baltimore Orioles—Were surging, but cooled down to .500

16. New York Yankees—They need pitching, pounding out the runs can't win the game.

17. Texas Rangers—Amazing hitting, poor pitching. Bradley is a triple-crown threat.

18. Minnesota Twins—Got swept in a four-game series by the White Sox.

19. Pittsburgh Pirates—Best outfield squad, but need more support.

20. New York Mets—Lost four straight, is Randolph's job safe?

21. Cincinnati Reds—Griffey hits 600 and won five of 10.

22. Los Angeles Dodgers—Lost six of 10, but stole one from the Cubs.

23. San Francisco Giants—Won four in a row, including Zito's second win.

24. San Diego Padres—Won five in a row, including four straight 2-1 victories.

25. Detroit Tigers—Won five of 10, including two over Indians.

26. Cleveland Indians—They need Carmona to get out of his funk.

27. Kansas City Royals—Soria gave up his first run, but they took another one after blowing two from the Yankees.

28. Washington Nationals—Lost eight of 10.

29. Colorado Rockies—Lost six of 10.

30. Seattle Mariners—Just terrible.


Divison Rankings

1. AL East—No team is below .500.

2. NL Central—Worst team is only three games below .500, with the best outfield.

3. NL East—Washington almost places them at fourth, but the surging Phils save them.

4. AL West—LAA, Oak, and Tex are all heating up.

5. AL Central—White Sox are the only team above .500.

6. NL West—Arizona is barely over .500.