Who's In, Who's Out: Projecting the College Football Bowl Season

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent INovember 6, 2009

With most teams having played eight or nine games already, the talk of bowl games has come to the surface of college football. Who's going? Who's staying home? Let's make some bowl projections on which teams look to be playing in the college football postseason.

Atlantic Coast Conference: Nine Automatic Bowl Tie-ins

Who's In: Boston College (6-3), Georgia Tech (8-1), Miami (6-2),

Teams with work to do:

Clemson (5-3): The Tigers must win one of their remaining games. They play Florida State, NC State, Virginia, and South Carolina. Projection: Clemson In

Florida State (4-4): Seminoles must win two games. They Play Clemson, Wake Forest, Maryland, and Florida. Projection: FSU beats Maryland and Wake to become bowl eligible.

Wake Forest (4-5): The Deacons are going to need to win two games. They play Georgia Tech, Florida State and Duke. Projection: Demon Deacons aren't bowling.


Maryland (2-6): Maryland needs to win out to be a bowl team. They play NC State, Virginia Tech, Florida State, and Boston College. Projection: Don't hold your breath, the Terps are staying home for Christmas.

North Carolina State (3-5): NC State has played two 1-AA teams, so the must win out to make a bowl game.  They play Maryland, Clemson, Virginia Tech, and North Carolina. Projection: NC State not bowling this year.

Duke (5-3) : Because the Blue Devils played two 1-AA teams, they're going to need seven wins this year to be bowl eligible. Duke needs to win two games against the following squads: North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Miami, and Wake Forest. Projection: Duke misses out on bowl season again.

Virginia Tech (5-3): All the Hokies need to do is win one game and they'll be bowling. They play East Carolina, Maryland, NC State, and Virginia. Projection: Hokies would need to face plant to miss a bowl. They won't.

Virginia (3-5): Cavaliers need to win three of the final four games. They play Miami, Boston College, Clemson, and Virginia Tech. Projection: Virginia stays home.

North Carolina (5-3): UNC played two 1-AA teams, so they'll need seven wins to be bowling. They play Miami, Boston College, and NC State. Projection: North Carolina is bowling, they beat Boston College and NC State.

Final ACC Bowl Projections: Seven Bowl Teams. Eagle Bank Bowl and GMAC Bowl are Looking For New Participants.


Big 12 Conference: Eight Automatic Bowl Tie-ins

Who's In: Texas (8-0), Oklahoma State (6-2), Texas Tech (6-3)

Teams with work to do:

Kansas State (5-4): The Wildcats played two 1-AA teams, meaning they must win seven games. They need to beat two of the following teams: Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. Projection: Wildcats miss out on bowl season.

Nebraska (5-3): Cornhuskers need to win one game to be bowl eligible. They play Kansas, Kansas St, and Colorado. Projection: Black Shirts into bowl season.

Iowa State (5-4): The cyclones must win one game to be bowl eligible. They play Oklahoma St, Colorado, and Missouri. Projection: Cyclones beat Colorado and become bowl eligible.

Kansas (5-3): The Jayhawks need one win to be bowl eligible. They play Kansas State, Nebraska, Texas and Missouri. Projection: Kansas returns to the bowl season.

Missouri (5-3): Tigers are one win away from bowling. They play Baylor, Kansas St, Iowas St, and Kansas. Projection: win over Baylor gets Missouri bowling.

Colorado (2-6): Buffs must win out to be bowl eligible. Projection: Not Happening, Colorado Stays home.

Oklahoma (5-3): Any win gets the Sooners into the postseason. Projection: Oklahoma is in with a victory over Nebraska.

Texas A&M (5-3): Any win gets the Aggies into a bowl. Projection: A&M beats Colorado to be bowl eligible.

Baylor (3-5): Bears need to win three of four. Projection: Not happening, Bears staying home.

Final Big 12 Bowl Projections: Nine Bowl Eligible Teams. Must have a 7-5 Team for At-Large Considerations.


Big East Conference: Six Automatic Bowl Tie-ins Plus Notre Dame.

Who's In: Cincinnati (8-0), Pittsburgh (7-1), West Virginia (6-2), Notre Dame (6-2)

Teams with work to do:

South Florida (6-2): One win gets the Bulls bowling, they've played two 1-AA teams. Projection: They'll beat Louisville for their spot.

Rutgers (6-2): One win gets the Knights bowling. Projection: They'll beat South Florida to get bowling, if not they play Louisville and Syracuse.

Connecticut (4-4): Huskies need to win two of four. They play Cincinnati, Notre Dame, South Florida, and Syracuse. Projection: Loses to USF, ND, and Cincinnati leaves UCONN at home.

Louisville (3-5): The 'Ville needs to win three of their final four. Projection: Not Happening.

Syracuse (3-5): Syracuse needs to win three of four. Projection: No way Jose.

Final Big East Bowl Projections: Six Bowl Eligible Teams including Notre Dame. All Spots are filled.


Big Ten Conference: Seven Automatic Bowl Tie-ins.

Who's In: Iowa (9-0), Penn State (8-1), Ohio State (7-2), Wisconsin (6-2)

Teams with work to do:

Minnesota (5-4): Gophers need one win to be bowling. Projection: They beat Illinois for a bowl berth.

Michigan State (4-5): Spartans need two wins to be bowling. Projection: MSU beats Western Michigan and Purdue to go bowling.

Northwestern (5-4): Wildcats need one win to be bowling. Projection: It comes down to a game against Illinois. A N'Western win gets 'em in.

Purdue (3-6): Purdue needs to win all of their games to be bowling. Projection: Not happening.

Michigan (5-4): If Michigan doesn't beat Purdue, they may not be bowling. Projection: Michigan beats Purdue, to bowl.

Indiana (4-5): The Hoosiers need to upset either Wisconsin or Penn State. Projection: No Bowl for Indiana.

Illinois (2-6): Illini need to win out to be bowling. Projection: Illinois must play spoiler for the remainder of the season.

Final Big Ten Bowl Projections: Eight Bowl Eligible Teams. If Penn State get an at-large BCS the Big Ten is Set, if not, they'll have a 6-6 team looking for an at-large spot.


Conference USA: Five Automatic Bowl Tie-ins. Two Conditional (Eagle Bank & Texas Bowls)

Who's In: Houston (7-1)

Who's Out: Rice (0-8)

Teams with Work To Do:

East Carolina (5-3): Pirates need to win one to be bowling. Projection: Beating UAB gets East Carolina in the bowls.

UCF (5-3): Knights need one win to be back in the postseason. Projection: Victory over Tulane puts UCF over the top.

Marshall (5-4): Win and in. Projection: Thundering Herd end 6-6, bowl eligible.

Southern Miss (5-4): One win and they're in. Projection: Should beat Marshall next week.

UAB (3-5):  Must win 3 out of 4. Projection: Blazers staying home.

Memphis (2-6): Must win them all. Projection: Not happening.

SMU (4-4): Must win 2 of final 4. Projection: Wins over Tulane and Rice get em to 6-6.

UTEP (3-5): Must win 3 of 4. Projection: Tulane and Rice victories aren't enough, Miners end up short.

Tulsa (4-4): Just two wins away. Projection: Can't beat Houston, ECU, or Southern Miss. Miss out on a bowl game.

Tulane (2-6): Gotta win out. Projection: Not happening this year.

Final Conference USA Bowl Projections: Six Bowl Eligible Teams. CUSA takes the Eagle Bank Bowl (ARMY's if they're bowl eligible) to have six bowls and six bowl eligible teams.


Mid-American Conference: Three Automatic Bowl Tie-ins. One Conditional (Eagle Bank Bowl)

Who's In: Temple (6-2), Central Michigan (7-2), Ohio (6-3)

Who's Out: Miami (OH) (1-8), Akron (1-7), Ball State (1-8), Eastern Michigan (0-8)

Teams with Work To Do:

Kent State (5-4): One win and they're in, the conversation. Projection: Victory over Akron get em bowl eligible.

Bowling Green (4-5): Need to beat Miami (OH), and Akron. Projection: Easy two wins gets em to bowl talks.

Buffalo (3-6): Gotta win em all. Projection: Not happening...OUT!

Northern Illinois (5-3): Beat Eastern Michigan and they're in, win another and they're our first at-large from a small conference. Projection: Beating EMU, Ball State gets em to 7 wins.

Western Michigan (4-5): Beat EMU and Ball State to be 6-6. Projection: Broncos are bowl eligible.

Toledo (4-5): Gotta upset either CMU or Bowling Green. Projection: Not this year. Rockets are out.

Final MAC Bowl Projections: Six Bowl Eligible Teams. MAC takes the Eagle Bank Bowl (ACC no. 8 not projected) to have 4 bowls and six bowl eligible teams. Northern Illinois is viable at-large with 7 wins.


Mountain West Conference: Five Automatic Bowl Tie-ins.

Who's In: TCU (8-0), Utah (7-1), BYU (6-2)

Who's Out: New Mexico (0-8)

Teams with Work To Do:

Air Force (5-4): Go Air Force, Beat Army, Make a Bowl Game. Projection: Mission Accomplished.

San Diego State (4-4): Must beat two of the following: TCU, Wyoming, Utah, UNLV. Projection: Just short with a loss to Wyoming.

Wyoming (4-4): Must beat two of the following: BYU, SDSU, TCU and CSU. Projection: Wins over CSU and SDSU get em to 6-6.

UNLV (3-6): Gotta win out. Projection: Won't beat Air Force, no bowls.

Colorado State (3-6) : Gotta win out. Projection. Not Happening.

Final MWC Bowl Projections: Five Bowl Eligible Teams. TCU makes the BCS leaving one bowl open for the MWC (Humanitarian Bowl)

Pacific-10 Conference: Six Automatic Bowl Tie-ins.

Who's In: Oregon (7-1), USC (6-2), Cal (6-2)

Who's Out: Washington State (1-7)

Teams with Work To Do:

Arizona (5-2): Win one and they're in. Projection: Wildcats beat Arizona State for a bowl bid.

Stanford (5-3): Win one. Projection: Stanford can't beat Oregon, USC, Cal or Notre Dame. They're out.

Oregon State (5-3): Win one. Projection: Game against Washington State get 'em to six.

Arizona State (4-4): Win two. Projection: Sun Devils can't do it. No Bowls.

Washington (3-5): Win 3 of 4. Projection: Oregon State and Cal beat the Huskies. No Bowl

UCLA (3-5): Win 3 of 4. Projection: Can't beat USC and Washington. No Bowl .

Final PAC-10 Bowl Projections: Five Bowl Eligible Teams. PAC-10 leaves one out of the Poinsettia Bowl. If USC gets BCS bid, they leave opening for Emerald or Las Vegas Bowl.


Southeastern Conference: Nine Automatic Bowl Tie-ins.

Who's In: Florida (8-0), South Carolina (6-3), Alabama (8-0), LSU (7-1), Auburn (6-3)

Who's Out: Vanderbilt (2-7)

Teams with Work To Do:

Georgia (4-4): If the Bulldogs beat Kentucky and Tennessee Tech, they're in. Projection: Georgia does it, goes bowling.

Tennessee (4-4): Memphis, Ole Miss, Vandy, and Kentucky, only two more wins needed. Projection: UT wins 3 of 4 to be 7-5.

Kentucky (4-4): Beat Eastern Kentucky and Vanderbilt and you're bowling. Projection: BOWLING!

Ole Miss (5-3): Gotta win seven because of the two 1-AA teams. They play Northern Arizona, Tennessee, LSU, and Miss St. Projection: Mississippi State gets 'em win no. 7.

Mississippi State (4-5): Have to win two of three. Projection: Loses to Alabama, and Arkansas means no bowls for the Bulldogs.

Arkansas (4-4): Win two and you're in. Projection: Wins over Troy and Miss St gets em six wins.

Final SEC Bowl Projections: Ten Bowl Eligible Teams. SEC gets another at-large for the BCS meaning all ten teams make bowls through their tie-ins.

Sun Belt Conference: One Automatic Bowl Tie-in. Three Conditional (St. Petersburg, PapaJohns.com, Independence Bowl)

Who's In: Troy (6-2)

Who's Out: Western Kentucky (0-8)

Teams with Work To Do:

Middle Tennessee (5-3): Win One, and you're eligible, two and you're an at-large. Projection: Blue Raiders become at-large with 7+ wins.

Louisiana-Monroe (4-4): Win three for at-large. Projection: ULM ends at 7-5

Florida Atlantic (2-5): Gotta win four of five. Projection: Loss of Rusty Smith means end of the Owls' season.

Louisiana-Lafayette (4-4): Win 2 and you're talking about a possible bowl game. Projection: only getting one 'W' from this part of the schedule.

Florida International (2-6): can't lose. Projection: Losing this week.

Arkansas State (2-5): Needing to win out. Projection: Not happening.

North Texas (2-6): can't lose. Projection: No chance.

Final SBC Bowl Projections: Three Bowl Eligible Teams. SBC has champion Troy in New Orleans. Middle Tennessee and ULM look for at-large spot with 7-5 record. (GMAC BOWL should be Open) Other bowl tie-ins should be filled.


Western Athletic Conference: Three Automatic Bowl Tie-in. One Conditional (Poinsettia Bowl)

Who's In: Boise State (8-0), Idaho (7-2)

Teams with Work To Do:

Nevada (5-3): One win away. Projection: They're in.

Fresno State (5-3): Beat Louisiana Tech. Projection: Got it, and bowling.

Louisiana Tech (3-5): Miracle Needed. Projection. Stayin' home.

New Mexico State (3-6): Miracle No. 2. Projection: Home X 2

Utah State (2-6): Miracle No. 3. Projection: Home X3

San Jose State (1-6): Miracle No. 4. Projection: Home X4

Hawaii (2-6): Miracle No. 5. Projection: Home X5

Final WAC Bowl Projections: Four Bowl Eligible Teams. If Boise gets at-large for BCS the WAC misses out on Poinsettia Bowl. If not, they'll take the spot with four bowl eligible teams. (PAC-10 doesn't have seven bowl teams)


Enjoy and please feel free to comment.


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