4 Moves The Boston Red Sox Have To Make to Win The World Series In 2010

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4 Moves The Boston Red Sox Have To Make to Win The World Series In 2010
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After a quick exit from the MLB playoffs i quickly started to think, what could they do to get better?

After a few weeks of research and asking my self questions i have come up with four moves they Red Sox must confront this off season if they want to win the 2010 World Series


This should also be the number one priority for the Boston Red Sox. With veterans like David Ortiz, Mike Lowell, and J.D Drew losing the punch the ball used to have off their bat, the Sox need insurance. I feel bad for Dustin Pedroia, Kevin Youkilis and Victor Martinez, they carried the Red Sox into the playoffs. To take pressure of their backs, and to keep from pitchers knowing there are no threats after the number five hitter, Jason Bay is a must resign for the Red Sox. Look what happened to Ortiz after the Manny trade. Now pitchers could pitch around Ortiz because there wasn't that strong power bat behind him. But, with J-Bay there, pitchers cant pitch around Youkilis, and Pedroia.Number one priority: RE SIGN JASON BAY.


With seven relief pitchers, there is to many unused pitchers. Takashi Saito, bust. Junichi Tazawa, bust. Billy Wagner, bust. There salaries combined, almost $13,000,000. Last year, if they had used that wisely, they most likely could of bribed Mark Teixeira to come to Boston with that money. Adding a power bat like Tex's, could be the difference maker between the Red Sox getting swept by the Angels and the Yankees winning the World Series.


Lets face it Sox fans, Papelbon isn't as good as we made him out to be. He singled handily blew game three of the ALDS against the Angels. A two run double to Abreau put me over the top on Papelbon. He is not worth the 6.25 million dollar contract, and he will be wanting more soon. Daniel Bard, just as good maybe even better at Papelbon in every category, except of course composure, where Papelbon may be the best in the league. But one to many fastballs and the hitters make him pay. Brad has a devastating change-up that fools righties. In addition,. Bards contract is only 400 thousand dollars. Go ahead and dis agree with me about Papelbon, just wait till Papelbon wants more money, then you'll see what im talking about.


This years most note able free agents have to be Matt Holliday and Manny Ramirez. I know that Ramirez didn't like Boston, but at least put a bid up to let the league know you are competitors and are willing to take risks. I would much rather have Holliday in there for one reason, his bat. One of the most profound hitters in the league, he is deadly, and scary for pitchers to face. He will be the top name on the free agent list and it wouldn't surprise me if more than half the teams put a bid in. So come on Red Sox, make us proud.

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