Futbol Factor: A European Super League Is Harmful to Club Football

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent INovember 5, 2009

Just this past summer, Real Madrid supremo Florentino Perez talked about his idea for a European Super League, one of which the best and richest clubs in Europe compete against each other on a yearly basis.

The proposed "superleague" would therefore replace almost all of the major leagues of Europe including the English Premiership, Italian Serie A, and Spanish Primera.

Such an idea can be considered harmful to the integrity of the sport and destructive to the very survival of all clubs, including the richest ones.

Leagues would then suffer massive cutbacks because of loss of television and marketing revenue, players would opt to ply their trade for the various clubs who only play in this proposed super league, therefore creating a talent vacuum.

Both the Champions League and quite possibly the Europa League would face extinction or irrelevancy, leagues would be forced to lower the standings and financial clouts that their small league teams depend on.

The talent pool would significantly shrink if the bigger clubs had their way, with younger players suddenly deciding to sign only for the respective clubs, who would only compete in this new super league.

Smaller clubs would be the biggest losers of the pot, with many of them suddenly facing administration and fringe players finding themselves with little opportunity and nowhere to go.

Ad and marketing revenues would be entirely concentrated, with sponsors deciding that sponsoring a league that doesn't include the likes of Liverpool or Real Madrid would not make much revenue sense.

Football as we know it would never be the same: With star players only plying their trade within the super league format, and national teams forced to consider if picking talent from clubs who do not participate in the super league would be harmful to their international play.

Or perhaps none of this would happen, that the newly proposed super league would not happen, that the bigger clubs would finally inject some common sense with the realization that their absence would only hurt their domestic sport.

I can't imagine a league without Manchester United or Liverpool, without AC Milan or Juventus, without Barcelona or Real Madrid.

Neither can you. Which is why Perez should really think twice about his ideas before he takes them out for the public to see and hear.

He's already drawn the ire of many football officials, including Platini and Laporta, for his extravagant spending.

Perhaps he should learn to keep his nose in between his legs and just quietly carry on with the business of running the club.