Futbol Factor: Toronto FC Needs a Shakeup, Starting With Mo Johnston

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent INovember 5, 2009

Toronto FC played what one would call one of the most embarrassing performances in the club's shorty history.

A demoralizing 5-0 loss against the worst team in the league, New York Red Bull, and to make things worse, missing out the playoffs as a result.
This club was primed for failure right from the get-go despite the additions of Dwayne De Resario and Ron De-Guzman.

This club simply underperformed when it needed to perform the most.
The players themselves are to blame; and it's the lack of heart, hustle, grind, and determination in Sunday's loss that has tormented the club, and more importantly, the club's loyal supporters.
Granted, this club has only been in existence for three seasons, but this fact alone cannot be atoned for as an excuse for the club's pathetic display against the bottom dwellers of the league.
The loss only illustrates the fact that Toronto FC have become a joke in the face of their opponents, much to the alarming fact that most of Toronto's loss came from goals scored in the last minutes of a match.
Toronto have allowed an alarming 16 goals in the quarter-hour of a game, a statistic that would only hamper any team's chances of postseason play. That in itself is more than just an embarrassment, it's a disgrace.
This team needs a shakeup, and it needs one badly. One area that the owners might be wise in considering a change is with the management of the club headed by the infamous Mo Johnston.
Mo Johnston, as you may recall, was the club's first head coach, but was later elevated to the general manager position, something of which he has yet to prove his worth so far.
Mo has done a good job of building a core of young talent for the club with the likes of Maurice Adu—oh wait, he's no longer in Toronto, and players such as Natakora, Cronin, and Edwards.
However, overall the teams that Johnston has built have not performed up to par, let alone give fans a reason for excitement. The only serviceable thing that Mo has accomplished for the club was the installation of natural grass at the BMO stadium, like as if that would any difference.
Mo Johnston has to go, the club needs a new voice of direction, and the coaching situation of the club needs to change as well. Chris Cummins was brought in to replace the departed who-ever-that-coach-was, but it hasn't changed much.
The new coach would have to be someone who commands authority, can provide a stern voice if he has to, and also has to form Toronto in a formidable defensive unit.
Defense would be the main focus for the club to improve on, and perhaps signing in two qualify strikers would also do the trick as well. Dwayne De Resario was the leading scorer for Toronto this season with 11 goals, but he's an attacking midfielder.
And Dwayne De Resario is not Cristiano Ronaldo, nor is he getting any younger as well as he plays in his early thirties. Toronto would also need to look a youthful midfield option as well, one specifically in the attack.
All these propose changes, along with the ownership is something Toronto supporters are hoping for coming into the new season—or else, the fans would surely have say, therefore leaving the club of having a lot of hell to pay.