Florida: Beating Themselves

Jill HolcombContributor INovember 5, 2009

Jesus H Christ when will this end!?!?!  Could the Florida Gators stop being scrutinized for one second and play some ball?  Florida's media love affair this year is absolutely wearing me out!  Devout fan and graduate of the university but I am really getting frustrated with everything I see. It's beginning to make me not want to turn on espn or read any articles and just watch the games, and sit and bite my nails the entire time!!!  I realize when you're on top the whole country is watching, but it really is becoming quite a nuisance.


Let's just start.  It's even hard for me to know where it began...KY game maybe?  Tebow getting his bell rung at the game causing him to have a concussion, now I know that a concussion is very serious and has been career-enders for some, it was not for Tebow, yet the media will not stop.  Well after he came back I was reading more and more articles about the concussion.  I know this may be hard for some to believe, but he was not the first player to ever have a concussion.


Then here comes Arkansas, man, don't even want to speak about the atrocity that game was.  I paid my hard earned money to go and watch that game, or lack thereof, and actually hung my head as I left knowing that those penalty calls was b.s. But then again, I don't make the calls, but in my eyes we lost that game.  Then, there were some boneheaded Florida fans that want to defend those penalties, and though I think it's right to stand by your team, it's not right to stand up for them when clearly it was poor calls made by the officials. Sometimes Florida fans disappoint me in their lack of judgement (which sounds bad, but if you watched your best friend kill someone in cold blood, would you get on the stand and say well if that guy wouldn't have pushed him none of this would have happened? umm..think not).

On to Mississippi State. Fun times.  Going to Starkville to face Dan Mullen, and the hype of that game was phenomenal.  Granted Mullen knows the ins and outs of the Florida Gator offense this still should have been an easier game in the conference, instead Florida let the hype and all the media jumble of "Dan Mullen is going to upset", and "Tim Tebow spent more time at Mullen's house than at his own" get into their heads and again made a close game out of what should have been, an easy defensive win for Florida. Tim Tebow also "tied" Herschel Walker's record that game, then here come all the Georgia fans to the defense (if UGA's defense was as tough as their fans they might not be in the situation they are now!) saying that record tie was B.S.  Saying the bowl game touchdowns should have been included. I agree.  But then again you got to realize, Tebow's not a running back, he's a quarterback.  Then Tebow was chastised for blowing off the media (this one I will argue) after his lackluster game.  Do you want to face a ton of people that depended on you after you've failed miserably?? NO!!!! Tebow is only human, regardless if he is NCAA's poster child.Ugh..more and more media hype, over and over and over, it got to the point where I just turned the TV off. Then of course Mullen stupidly took a page out of Petrino's book and fought a play, which ended up once again on the side of Florida.  Again, I go to games, I don't call the plays.

Then my personal favorite, UGA vs FL. God Almighty!!!  If all the media had ate at the souls of the Gators nothing would.  Despite the blow out of a game it was horrendous.  Dirty ball, on BOTH sides of the field.  From late hits on Tebow, to trying to rip of Demps' neck after he was out of bounds, to pushing, name calling, and Brandon "EYE FOR AN EYE" Spikes gouging at Ealey.  That is one game that I regret spending ANY money to see.  I love the "World's Largest Cocktail Party" it's always my favorite but this year I was just underwhelmed and overwhelmed all at the same time.  The criticism and tongue lashings that Brandon Spikes were more than uncalled for (NO..I don't think it was right, but once a decision is made, suck it up and deal with it, if it was your team you would say the same thing!) then Urban Meyer sticking up for his team and publicly responding to a question about a late hit on Tebow and now is about to be reprimanded for it by the SEC!


I just know this with all that's going on the Gators cannot nor will not focus and I think that is what's going to be there kryptonite.  If the Florida Gators can't ignore what's going on in the media and focus on the game, they are going to end up beating themselves.  Their head is not in the game.  

As Always..GO GATORS!!