Dear Fans and Media: STOP Harassing Rich Rodriguez

Eric YarmolukCorrespondent INovember 5, 2009

All you fans around the nation, and along with the media, are all questioning Rich Rodriguez and his coaching, and his players, and the Wolverines in general. Rumors are flying around that Rich Rod should be fired, and replaced by someone better.

Everyone around the nation expects Rich Rod to be taking this team to an undefeated season, or he's a joke. Well you all need to look at the statistics of when he came in.

When Rodriguez came into Ann Arbor, half of the team had left for the NFL draft, or graduated. Players such as Chad Henne, Mike Hart, Jake Long, Mario Manningham etc and half the defense. So what did that leave Rich Rod with? 80 percent freshman and sophomores who had hardly any playing time that he had to build up to his new offense.

Sure he only won 3 games last year, but look at the team he had. He started off 4-0 this season then started to struggle, but look at the defense he has.

You fans and media need to look at what Rodriguez has to work with this season. His offense is great. Even though they struggled against Illinois this past week, they put up the most yards per game in the Big 10 this season. Their offense is great, just need a little more experience, and Forcier and Robinson need to learn to control themselves while under pressure.

The defense is what needs work. We have a very young defense, and are very slow. Which is why Rich Rod will be doing heavy recruiting on the defesive end of the ball this off season.

So fact of the matter is, all the rumors about Rich Rod needing to be fired and replaced needs to stop. You all need to learn some patience, because with the amount of rebuilding that Rodriguez has to do, it will take more than just 2 years to do it.

Rich knows what he has to do, and he is going to do it. He doesn't need fans, and media all over his back antagonizing him, and threatening that he is going to be tossed to the curb. Because I know, as well as he knows, that the Athletic Department at the University of Michigan knows his talents, and knows that he can bring in the right recruits to run his style of play.

If you bring in a new coach now, you mess up the Wolverines even more, and case more havoc. A new coach, means another new offense the Wolverines have to learn, when they have been set to run the spread offense, which mean you would have to do more rebuilding, which will take another few years, which means more losses.

So let Rich Rod do his thing. Leave him alone, let him recruit the players he needs without everyone breathing down his neck. All he needs is one or two more seasons. I said it before, I will say it again, by 2011, under Rich Rodriguez's coaching, no one else's, the Michigan Wolverines will be back in contention. They will be able to fight to win the Big 10, beat Ohio State, and be contenders for the National Championship!!

So once again, fans and media, STOP harassing Rich Rodriguez.!!!