Best Team Built Vs Best Team Bought

francis vetterContributor INovember 5, 2009

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 04:  Mark Teixeira (L) and Mariano Rivera (C) of the New York Yankees celebrate their 7-3 win as Shane Victorino #8 of the Philadelphia Phillies walks off the field dejected in Game Six of the 2009 MLB World Series at Yankee Stadium on November 4, 2009 in the Bronx borough of New York City.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Philadelphia Phillies Dominated the postseason.Been playing at a championship level for 3 years now.Hard working players that do everything right.A team built for the postseason.A city re-energized by a champion.Built thier the farm system and a few key trades.

Phillies have Players that other teams gave up on like Werth and Victorino.Howard Hamels Rollins and Utley grew with our farm team.The most underrated Catcher in baseball today.Lead by a Great Baseball mind with Charlie Manuel.

If your a fan in a city like philly you want your team built this way. With alot of hard work and years put in my great players that stuck it out because they loved the city and wanted to win for the fans. Phillies are made up with Blue Collar spunk Heart of Champion and a will that doesnt quit.

Winning a World Series Meant has much to the players has it meant to the city.Every player knows exactly what it feels like to want to win like the city of philly wants to win.We have the best natural Core of players in baseball.

We have MVP caliber Shortstop Second baseman and First Baseman.All with alot of great baseball left in them. We have a underrated outfield.A line-up with only one Hole in it in Pedro Feliz.A rotation thrown together with Old greats,Long Shots and Guys with great potential.Cliff Lee is amazing.

This team put together in philly is tough with no glaring holes and young.A lineup that can go position to position with any team in baseball and win.Established with years of playing and sweating together on the same team and field to get where thier at.Best Team Built in Baseball

On the Other hand the yankee team is Amazing.Damon Arod Texira C.C Burnett all with huge talent.Jeter Mo Cano Melky and posada been with new york threw all those years of not winning in new york.This team was thrown together by a greedy owner.New york players dont know what a championship to new york means.

They can know. they havent been around long enough to realize how much a fan needs them to win.It was so Personal to new york to win this ring.It validates Arods career.It proves C.C. can pitch in postseason.It also proves that you can buy anything in this world.

This team Didnt Deserve to win.Yet if they didnt win it was a complete failure.For a team who missed playoffs for the first time last year getting back would be thier main goal.With a Salary like the Yankees they had o choice but to win to validate that insane amount of money spent on players.

What happen to thier farm team? Phillip Hughes Eian Kennedy Joba Chamberland.They were the Future.Thats what makes Yankees So much more different then other teams.They have no problem squashing the progress of young potential talent like those three pitchers.They couldnt wait for them to develope and let these kids grow with the city of new york.

You cant Compare this team to other championship teams. Thier not even worthy of being compared to the Old Yankee teams.Even the teams in late 90's meant more to the city then most of these guys.Watching Paul o niel and Bernie WIlliams and tino martinez win a ring was way more meaningful then watching AROD cry in New York last night

Yankee Owneship needs to Realize that Winning is a goal to achieve and not a RIght because thier they Yankees.Winning should be more then just for Pride.Winning is somthing 25 guys that been together for years and the City loves because these guys reflect what the City stands for.After 3-4 years of building your tem explodes and wins and you cry bcus u see how much they wanted to win for you!

Well Congratulations New York. You beat the best team Baseball has to Offer.To bad you couldnt do it the right way!.See you next year!