Minnesota's Corey Brewer Is In Sophomore Form, Progress Is Certain

Timber WolfAnalyst IINovember 5, 2009

LONDON - OCTOBER 10:  Corey Brewer #22 of Minnesota is challenged by Dahntay Jones of Boston during NBA Europe Live 2007 Tour match between the Boston Celtics and the Minnesota Timberwolves at the O2 Arena on October 10, 2007 in London, England.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by John Gichigi/Getty Images)
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Corey Brewer is a good player but he's not efficient.

It means that he does everything great, except score at a high percentage.

It means that his potential has not been realized, and that he makes many mistakes that are mostly compensated by EVERYTHING ELSE.

If we compare this team to last years, I'd have to say that this team is waaaay more scrappier than last seasons, and I've never seen a team play that scrappy and is able to challenge the Boston Celtics in a 92-90 loss.

Last season, the Wolves would be in no shape to do that, and I'm starting to see why.

It would have to be the coaching staff, the point guard play, and obviously Corey Brewer.

Yes he's not efficient right now, but when it comes to being disruptive on just about EVERY aspect of the game except scoring, he'd have to be our guy. Something just tells me that later down the road, the scoring will come.

Right now, Corey Brewer is leading the Wolves in steals and blocks. He's also averaging five boards to compliment his on the ball defense.

If I had to point out someone on the Wolves' squad as the squad's leader competitively, it would have to be him.

"It's good to be in these situations, but we're trying to win."

In that interview, Corey Brewer said the word "win" four times in one sentence.

On one hand of the floor, you have an extremely versatile player who cannot be stopped on an open floor, and is a menace with his quickness and hands on the defensive end.

On the other hand of the floor, you have a guy that makes mistakes with the ball, using kamikaze drives and off balance shooting that proves him to be highly inefficient.

For one, I'd like to judge the team as a whole, and say that the Wolves are inefficient themselves and the only reason that they are able to compete, is that they play with incredible energy and are extremely scrappy.

Corey Brewer plays with so much energy that it's unbelievable. He never gets tired, and unlike Al Jefferson (or half the roster for that matter), he gives 100 percent on offense, and 150 percent on defense.

If we as Wolves fans can conclude that if the Wolves had consistent three-point shooting and if they were running the triangle offense like they did tonight with more passing, that Corey Brewer wouldn't have to take as many shots as he has too.

But it's funny, because although he's not making them, all of his shots aren't necessarily bad shots.

"I think Corey's a high energy guy, plays with a lot of speed and quickness, sometimes that can get him in trouble. One of the things he had been doing that he's gotten away from is the balance on his shot."

"I think if he keeps his shots balanced, he'll one: Make shots, and be able to read the defense so that he can pump fake and drive. So I think that once he adds consistency in his shot, and calms down when he shoots the basketball his decision making will be better."

"But him in the open court when he has a direct lane to go to the basket, he's pretty tough to start."

-Kurt Rambis

If you want to be mad at him, fine, be mad at him. But despite his inefficiency, you have to appreciate the five steals that he got against the Clippers, or the two blocks against the Clippers, or the eight rebounds against the Nets.

If Corey were to become more efficient with Jonny Flynn and Ramon around him, you're looking at one of the more young, versatile SG-SF's in the league.

I don't care if Corey takes 16 shots a night and only makes three, the fact that he's playing hard is enough for me.


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