When Is The Right Time For Edge To Make Another Comeback?

Zohair KhanContributor INovember 5, 2009

Edge...No doubt he is The Ultimate Opportunist!

He is the only person who can never miss an opportunity and get something out of it. He has given us some the most incredibly shocking moments in sports history.

For the past two years, we have seen him go down with injury. But has returned at the most appropriate moments to make an impact.

At Survivor Series 2007, we saw him dress as a cameraman, and screw Undertaker for the World Heavyweight title by nailing him with a camera.

This was followed by a Triple Threat victory for the World Heavyweight title at Armageddon by the help of two look-alikes, namely Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins.

At Survivor Series 2008, we saw him return and take Jeff Hardy's place in a Triple threat match and win the World Heavyweight title from Triple H. Another shocking moment indeed!

We have read reports of Edge's injury this time taking longer than usual to recover. Which makes me think when Edge will be able to return to the ring. I hope he does soon!

Lets look at some of the possible returns he can make this time:


1. At Survivor Series 2009

The first way would be to somehow become a part of the World Title match, and possibly win the match. (He's already done that, Survivor Series 2008)

Or, he could only interfere in the match and cost Chris Jericho the title victory (He's done that as well, Survivor Series 2007), and carry the feud forward, and teach him a lesson for calling him a weak partner for himself.

This would most probably culminate into a Tag-team feud, and Edge would challenge JeriShow for the Unified Tag-team titles. (Personally, i would love to see Edge and Christian reunion)


2. At Royal Rumble 2010

Edge may also be a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble match and win the match for a title opportunity an WrestleMania (now that's what he never did, and he seems to be the only strong competitor to me right now, considering John Morrison isn't as good yet).

That would be the Ultimate opportunity (but I guess John Cena already did that!!)


3. At Elimination Chamber 2010:

He could also make his way into one of the Elimination chamber matches and win the World Title (He has also done that at No Way Out 2008 by interfering in the WWE championship Elimination Chamber match)!

At this point of time, I think the only way that's going to be impressive for an Edge return would be to come back and win the Royal Rumble match.

Please do post your comments on what you think about the above mentioned possibilities and give your ideas as well.