10 Observations From the Atlanta Hawks vs. Sacramento Kings Game

Jack BenderCorrespondent INovember 4, 2009

NEW YORK - JUNE 28:  NBA basketball player Speedy Claxton attends the T-Mobile Basketball's Rising Stars Celebration at Tao Restaurant on June 28, 2006 in New York City.  (Photo by Matthew Peyton/Getty Images for T-Mobile)
Matthew Peyton/Getty Images

1. Either the traffic in Sacramento is terrible or the Kings' fans are staging a Cleveland Browns-type protest on a mid-week NBA game. Is it a protest if Fox News does not cover and promote it? 

Mike Bibby's return could not even bring back flashes of the glory days of this franchise earlier this decade. They could have at least booed him once! Both teams were scoring at will, but the crowd was disinterested and weak. The only thing worse was how bored the Kings' bench looked.

2. Tyreke Evans and Kevin Martin have the worst combined shooting form for a starting NBA back court. Evans has obviously improved his shooting range from his Memphis days, but his release and arc on the shot are awkward. He really might "make it rain."  Martin's release (especially at the foul line when it's slower) almost causes me physical pain.

3. The Atlanta Hawks do not like to guard the pick and roll play. No wonder the Orlando Magic dominate the Hawks. Guards go under the screen, bigs do not step up and level off the dribbler to stop penetration. The Kings are hanging around late in the third quarter looking for a win.

4. The Atlanta Hawks miss Speedy Claxton. No not on the basketball court, but for his sartorial splendor on the bench. Speedy was always good for some bright colors. Can someone please get John Drew a creamy, orange suit or a gold jacket.

5. Sean May has the exact same body he did as a sophomore at North Carolina. May just looks sloppy and out of shape. I would not play him just based on looks alone. He has to be one of the biggest disappointing high draft picks and NCAA tourney stars in recent memory.

6. The Los Angeles Lakers are really good. I think the Lakers are better at almost every position than the Hawks. The Hawks are better at almost every position than the Kings.  Lakers versus Kings Las Vegas point spread has to be -23.5 at least.

7. Dribbling is a lost art for some NBA players. Kings forward Andres Nocioni never dribbles with his left hand. He might take six right hand dribbles from the left wing to get to a right-hand layup. 

Tyreke Evans was called for palming the basketball on consecutive possessions in the first half of this game. He is the Kings' point guard!

For the Hawks, coach Mike Woodson should fine Josh Smith every time he attempts to dribble the ball behind his back. Literally, stop the game and demand the fine in cash.

8. Israeli basketball players have trouble guarding Jamal Crawford. Omir Cassipi for the Kings had trouble with Crawford, but Crawford looks like he is in mid-season form as far as scoring and being aggressive on offense.

Here is a tip for Cassipi—if Crawford faces you up and takes a hard dribble between his legs from his right hand to his left, he is pulling up to shoot the jump shot.

9. The new contract from this summer is weighing heavily on Marvin Williams. Marvin is pressing a little, especially on offense. He might be feeling the heat of watching Crawford score at will. Coach Woodson might want to play Joe Johnson minutes at the three spot and that would mean Marvin sitting on the bench.

10. The Sacramento Kings are scrappier and hungrier than the Hawks tonight. There is not one guy on the Kings that I would pay to see play, but they are hanging tough at home against Atlanta. I mean Beno Udrih is controlling the game on the offensive end of the court.