Wake up Cougar nation, it's Wednesday.

Brett RichinsSenior Analyst INovember 4, 2009

Laramie, well nothing good can be said about Laramie -especially in November. Any other week I envy the chance to strap on the pads and helmet and mix it up one more time, but not this week.

Your pads and helmet become extremely uncomfortable as the air inside expands, leaving you even more irritable. Maybe that’s why the fans are so hostile in Laramie, I know I would be mad if I had to wade through 9 months of winter.

Regarding some of the crazy stories about the fans and heated pennies or urinating off the side of the bleachers onto players heads. I don’t know, I didn’t experience any of that. I do remember when Mr. KC Bills knocked one of their belligerent fans out after he had to leave and go to the locker room. That joker didn’t know what hit him.

Things are a little crazy in Laramie, but can you blame the fans. They have had to watch their Pokes struggle through mediocrity for the past, I don’t know, decade -except for that token year where they went to the Las Vegas bowl. They’ve seen coaches and players come and go, as well as many a snow drift. (please reference last years post about Wyoming)

It’s a tough life up there in Laramie, but the Pokes do have a new head coach. They don’t have a new quarterback, but maybe they’ll find a diamond in the rough that loves wranglers and flannel.

For the Cougars establishing themselves early is going to be paramount. 11-2 is different after numerous successful years, but 10-3 or 9-4 won’t be acceptable with the amount of talent the Cougars posses. In all honesty I hope the game is good, meaning not too close but not a blow out. I hope a few newcomers get the opportunity to make some plays and the returners perform up to standard. I’m hoping no one gets hurt and we can build some momentum towards the grand finale at the conclusion of this month. I hope Coach Anae has become friends with his white board this bye week, and I hope Coach Doman was in the room with him. I hope our linebackers took the chance to eat some nails during the bye week and they’ll come back meaner and angrier than previous weeks. I hope our offensive line didn’t eat too much, because the Cougar line is looking portly in their white unis this year. I am also looking forward to a clean game. Meaning I don’t want to see drives killed by penalties or drives prolonged by stupid mistakes that shouldn’t be made. Get back to clean sound football that has been the trademark of BYU under Coach Mendenhall.

Also could we please run one trick play. I don’t remember the last time BYU went for the knockout blow with a big, huge, complex, trick play. Let’s give it a try.

In the illustrious words of Tough, Cowboy up Cougs.

By the way the picture was taken from a website that declared Wyoming the #2 worst uniforms in the NCAA, only out done by Syracuse.