Redskins Fans and the Golden Age of Frustration

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Redskins Fans and the Golden Age of Frustration

How ironic is it that the capital of our great nation, the brick and mortar embodiment of “Of the People, By the People and For the People,” is just just now permeating the myopic brains of Redskins fans fed up with Daniel Snyder?

It escapes me that it has taken this much time, this much media coverage , and this bad of a display for Washington Redskins fans to realize that the team is not worth any form of investment—emotional or financial.

There are talks of walkouts on the heels of Snyder admitting embarrassment by the team’s performance, but stopping well short of taking responsibility.  I’m surprised that “Let’s Give Snyder Another Shot” posts and email blasts haven’t sprouted up around the region, from fans quenched by even the smallest admission of bad football from the proprietor of the gridiron horror.

I wish I haven’t bashed the Redskins and their fan base so often, because I’d love to ask the question, “What took so long?” Why now instead of when the team hired the inexperienced Jim Zorn ? Why not when Marty Schottenheimer was fired ? Why not during the ticket brokering fiasco , or the drama about tailgating ?

Maybe Redskins fans just needed another set of eyes to see what has been clear for so long.

Snyder has been all too eager to provide fuel for the revolutionary fires, and Redskins fans have pump faked with matchbooks for the last seven seasons. But staring down another coaching a move, an exiled quarterback and a potential 2-14 record, the people are just now deciding that they prefer democracy with their high-priced concessions at FedEx?


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