Turnabout is Fair Play: Clint Bowyer Checked by Stremme and Finish 4th.

Jeremy TurnerSenior Analyst IJune 9, 2008

Now, I know the main picture of this article is of Clint Bowyer's Sprint Cup car. I could not find a good picture for his Nationwide Series car. However, the point of this article is a little exchange of words that Clint Bowyer had to say after Saturday's Nationwide race.

For anyone who did not see the race, it took place at Nashville Speedway. David Reutimannwas leading the race with8 or so laps to go after a caution flag came out. On the restart, Clint Bowyer got underneath Reutimann and checked him up by getting him a little loose, giving Bowyer the lead. However, Brad Keselowski, driving Earnhardt's #88 Navy Chevy, passes Bowyer on fresher tires to take the lead, and the soon win. Now this is where things get interesting.

On the final lap, David Stremme gets into Bowyer and gets him loose, sending him up the track. Bowyer came out with a 4th place finish while Stremme and Reutimann finish 2nd and 3rd respectively. During the post-race interview, Bowyer begins to complain about how Stremme checked him up and that is why he belonged in the Nationwide Series.

Now...hold the phone. Didn't Bowyer himself check up Reutimann to get the lead? I guess Bowyer doesn't mind doing this as long as it is not done to him. Stremme said it best when commented about Bowyer doesn't like it when what he does is done to him.

I completely agree with Stremme. Bowyer is just upset that his method of winning the race backfired on him and instead of finishing second, his medicine was dished back at him and he wound up with 4th.

My opinion: Don't complain about a maneuver done to you when you go and do the same maneuver right back. I think it is rather hypocritical and almost whineywhen someone does that. Next time you hear a driver complaining about something that was done to them, don't agree with them right off the bat. Check to make sure they didn't do the very same thing they complained about.

Anyways, for my next little article, I am gonna comment about the "wonderful" safety crew that Pocono had during their race this weekend. Until next time.