NASCAR Recieves a Fan Award??? Like WTF???

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NASCAR Recieves a Fan Award??? Like WTF???
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NASCAR just proudly announced it received an award for being so responsive to the fans. I shouldn’t be surprised by that. Everyone is getting a award for stuff they didn’t really do. President Obama receives the Nobel Peace Prize and I still have no idea what for. Maybe he got it for getting gangs in Chicago to stop killing each other and support him. I guess that would be big enough to necessitate a peace prize.

Nevertheless, if they are getting silly meaningless prizes and awards for such blatant (excuse my French) BS, why not give me one for listening to it all.

Why not a Badsam Award for not (excuse my French again) pissing on their legs for a couple weeks? I t could be called “The Ultimate Racing Dummy Award,” or TURD Award. (Oops again)

Sounds sorta racy don’t it? It could become an award given weekly for the NASCAR blogger that doesn’t go nuts every time NASCAR puts out a press release as to how fantastic they are or, TNTDGNETNPOPPHGYA. Wow, what a mouthful, so TURD gets my vote.

Not only is it simple to say, but it sorta rolls right off the tongue when talking about NASCAR press releases. As in how can we spin this (blank), or how can we sell the fans this (blank). See what I mean?

So I have tried to be a good guy and not blast NASCAR the past few weeks, (I was too (blank) to address a few of their releases) so I nominate myself for the very first TURD award. I would nominate others that have been nice so sweet and nice that posted good reviews about NASCAR, but another term comes to mind there.

If we the regular fans could only vote in these so-called polls, then maybe it would go to the right recipients and not to NASCAR. (Please, don’t get me started about the Nobel) In fact, a few writers on this site deserve an award for pointing out what is wrong with NASCAR.

So, I’ll start preparing my acceptance speech for the upcoming TURD award and promise not to diss NASCAR for at least another week after I receive it. If I don’t receive it, well the gloves are off again, so send it, OK. I already have the space made for it on my trophy case.

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