Boise State Attacked For Soft Schedule: But No BCS Teams Will Play Them

Lace BanachekAnalyst INovember 4, 2009

BOISE, ID - SEPTEMBER 3:  Kellen Moore #11 of the Boise State throws a pass under pressure by T.J. Ward #2 of the Oregon Ducks in second quarter of the game on September 3, 2009 at Broncos Stadium in Boise, Idaho. Boise State won the game 19-8. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)
Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Year after year, BCS fans rip the Broncos for continuing to play a marshmallow field and even the BCS uses the Broncos soft schedule as a reason to deny them a BCS bowl even when they are undefeated.

Last season the Broncos (12-0) were passed over for the BCS bowls and allowed teams to enter with inferior win-loss records.

Boise State has set out to accommodate the BCS, but no one wants to play them, except Oregon State. Sure Oregon State and Virginia Tech agreed to play Boise State next season (2010), but the Broncos have one road game yet to fill their 2011 schedule and according to WAC commissioner Karl Benson who spoke with the Idaho Statesman, the Broncos are struggling to schedule.

The Statesman reported the Broncos cannot get “a BCS-conference opponent for 2011—even with the help (and exposure and money) of ESPN behind the effort. The Broncos are not asking for a return game in Boise.”

The amount of teams that have said no to the Broncos is roughly 10.

Its not like the Broncos are asking teams for a one-and-one. The opposition never has to step foot on the “Blue Turf” that seems to be a sore spot across the country. Playing the Broncos offers ESPN incentives as well.

So what is on the table for the BCS opponent? The BCS team gets to stay at home (if they choose), they will be compensated, and they get to show their prowess over the lowly WAC one more time.

Sounds like a schedule made in heaven for any BCS team?

Apparently not! What is the key to this schedule problem is the BCS opposition does not want to lose, and they do not want to explain to their fans and conference playmates that the Broncos gave them a beat down.

Well here is the opening for Bronco haters to bring up the past and the many Broncos loses (by less than a touchdown) from the mighty BCS. Albeit that was then, come on BCS step up, show your footballs to Boise State and get 2011 set!

However, should there be none (mighty BCS teams) willing, than when it comes time for the Broncos to bring their undefeated schedule to the Bowls, do not use the excuse that Boise States record is to soft, it is only soft because no BCS teams will play.

The Broncos and their fans are looking forward to the scheduling of that final 2011 game. Benson said the WAC is hiring a firm to help promote that game. It’s kind of like the Broncos are paying somebody, anybody to play them and still no one wants too.

That’s another story—go Broncos