Fedor Vs. Rogers: Give A Mouse A Cookie, He'll Ask For A Glass Of Milk

Kountry KingCorrespondent INovember 4, 2009

Hey there fight fans.

So the time has finally come.

It's the moment everybody has been waiting for.

Fedor is set to take on Brett "The Grimm" Rogers this weekend.

If you miss it,  then you have only yourself to blame.

All you have to do is own a TV set because the event is airing live this Saturday on CBS.

No Pay-Per-View fees attached.

This one should end up being an amazing fight since Rogers has  a phenomenal stand-up game and Fedor is... umm.. Fedor..

Fedor "The Last Emperor" Emelianenko has dismantled all 30 of his opponents ranging from a wide variety of different style fighters.

Meanwhile Rogers has only fought one elite mma fighter (Andrei Arlovski), destroying him early in the first round.

Expect this fight to find its way to the ground early, which will be interesting to see, since Rogers has never fought off of his back before.

If "The Grim" manages to stuff Fedor's take-downs early on, then this fight could go considerably in favor to Rogers.

But thats not likely to happen...

As much as I despise Fedor and his "reign of terror" over MMA, it's hard not to believe that he will utterly destroy Rogers in every shape, way, and form.

And if you don't believe Fedor's the best, then hear what Joe Rogan and B.J. Penn have to say here and here, respectively.

That being said, if you give a mouse a cookie then he will want a glass of milk.

And by "mouse" I mean Brett Rogers. ( I know Rogers is a bit too big to compare to a mouse, but you get the point..)

If "The Grim" happens to pull off what would arguably be the greatest upset in the history of combat sports, then you can bet on it that he is going to want bigger and better things.

It wasn't that long ago when Rogers was changing tires at the Sam's Club just to make ends meet for his family of five.

Now that he can focus more on training without worrying whether or not his family gets fed, I'm sure Rogers will be even stronger and better than he was before.

So either way, regardless of who wins, this fight will be a very interesting one.