Bugeatersteve's 2009 Bottom Five Rankings: Week Nine

Bugeatersteve StuchlikCorrespondent INovember 4, 2009

We are finally entering the home stretch of the season, and I for one am glad because following these dregs is a very tiring chore to say the least.

Well we had a bottom five power battle this past weekend with Miami facing Akron, and because of this game we do have a minor shake up in the rankings.

Here are this week’s rankings. The team’s previous ranking is in parenthesis.


5. (NR) Akron Caught in their Zippers (1-7)

Making their debut on the bottom five list, just barely over Washington State as they lost to Northern Illinois 27-10.

I put Akron in this spot due to their 1-7 record, playing in the Mid-American Conference and the fact that their only win was against D-2 Morgan State. Next loss to Kent State this Saturday.


4. (5) Eastern Michigan Sparrows (0-8)

Got to play SEC member Arkansas on Saturday and the Sparrows came away with both wings in a sling with a 63-27 beat down.

The Razorbacks jumped out to a 42-0 lead before they called off the dogs and put in the water volleyball team to finish up.

How bad was it? Well Eastern Michigan didn’t get their first first down until the second possession of the third quarter. Their next loss will be on Thursday to Northern Illinois.


3. (3) Rice Sparrows (0-8)

Just in case no one noticed, Rice was off this past Saturday and they used the time wisely installing the single-wing formation for this week’s match up with SMU.


2. (2) Western Kentucky Flat Toppers (0-8)

Western Kentucky extended their streak to 16 with a win in the battle of the Titan against conference foe North Texas by the score of 68-49. North Texas head coach Todd Dodge raised his three year record to 5-27 with the win and is extremely thankful that Western Kentucky plays football, as he is 3-0 against them. W. Kentucky’s next loss will be to Troy.

1. (1) New Mexico Lubes (0-8) 

New Mexico wavered a bit this past week in losing a nail bitter to Sand Diego State 23-20. Another close loss combined with a blowout loss by either Western Kentucky or Rice could move either team past the Lubes into the top spot.

Worry not Lube fans. They face conference powerhouse Utah on Saturday. 

Dropping out of the bottom dwellers was Eastern Michigan. See you again next week.