Man Discovered in the Swamp

Ronnie C Wright@@ronniecwrightContributor INovember 4, 2009


Young and talented

for long months in the sun

Crown of the royal season and square meal of kings

He proudly takes his place on fence and past:

To play love is gain, give what is given passionately

Turning bases of his treasure on the road to fairy tales

The gold chest of the fortunate brings forth new light.

In the day of dawning the pleasure of pleasure is pleasure

Taken alt last paybacks of the deep breath

And countless swings and throws in a good champagne.

To savor now is to open the best champagne.

Timeless bubbles of his work, wash down to the salt of his tears

If we choose to remember then enjoy his fame

which is each fan’s prize.


Man With A Plan

Home of the red, white and blue

For all to see, humanity in the mirror

Source of native rich pride

In the healing place of his first walk,

With all that said

The take out expecting more

Of popcorn, peanuts and apple pie

One slide of the hand or fan

Is seated and boxed

Into the old game park

Like the heat of the day.

Hot and helium above the head

By the grinding organ,

Pipe of your dream in the golden days,

Steam off like sweat,

Sticking gum through air and “Bubbles”

And the spirits of all countrymen

Into the believers

Soul and converted soul, and holy cow

Stars and stripes forever

In the blue sky…

Fly plane banner reads: “Man With A Plan.”


You gotta dance

for the game we love,

Today, his efforts have rewarded time,

Now at the park gate and beyond

The hard, long practice he endured to capture the ring,

In work and watch have he committed much,

Raise up the banner, the color-stained flag

By flip and flop made good on promise

Dream of dreamers and humble beginnings.

You gotta dance

play soul train in the eyes of fans.

Bright new shoes have an old sole,

Love in the eye brings together the loving light,

Feet in and out on the straight line.

And slides gracefully in the curtain opening night,

A distance star torches the field,

With the high heat from the launching pad,

Circled like summer’s sun this graceful strut

Unrehearsed cheers star over all spotlight humps.

You gotta dance.


Your glove is king. It’s royalty is legendary.

From the bright stretch, it never lets us down

Lighted stages spread their bulbs, bursting over the haul,

Between the fever pitch song with dancing angel in tux and tail

A flick in time. Speed suspends the disbelief

On first glance like Ted Turner on that open range,

Second for the mouth open stare, flash for sure note

And caught. Hook, bridge, base and tweeter by the noble net.

Those twirling moves are just for you, memories that fill the heart

With loud cheer, or cover the air in applause

And begins the end with one hand raised high.


People—beautiful people


With that splendid garden create

one more seed to plant

The rare shaped jewel,

And cut and polish it flaws

Over the rough and hard patches covering a soul.

Fashion it into a keepsake and pastime

For all to cheer the fight in which is invested much

And hope for light,

Sparked by the professor and player matched as one

To glow on the stage shining bright

And waxed as a candle as wick maker by the day.

Yes! it’s possible

Sign that the harvest time is here

Caught in glove and dance shoes as the growing hand waves


In the pure laser beam

Aimed at the believer’s core tilled soft on the rocky soil

By alluring song

For the good his invention developed from the ashes

of pure coal

Burning true red, white and blue

The banner still it flies alone to serve and prove

In the star of land that never fades

As the torch and caring gesture stands to

Heal the heart.


In the light of love

Covered with a rich white chocolate baked in an outdoor oven

On top a diamond coal mine and gems that shine

Blinds the open heart of eyes;

From blink and blowing wind flags the fan in uniform,

Quakes in toaster pop up, by superstar’s hat,

Hold on! from the loud chorus.

Oh boy! by now the class and teacher of our subject,

Before sundown fries in the bacon stew from the fat lean

In a boiler room in a groove;

And crowd need water from heat pitched on stove,

cooling a big hit,

Moonwalk, slider and split-finger serves the dinner at eight

with tea

How sweet to experience something so complete

In the light of love.


Good Man Giving

Feed the living

In the lights around the new day,

Time to jump and shout

Up in the seats of sky boxes,

And nestled between beginnings one with king,

And over and beyond they volunteer for extra duty

Follow with hugs and kisses

On the steps of the gift horse.

And instantly – recognition and known among the fans’

Dance about the grounds and screaming as the love covers heart.

In the grass, play is buddy,

Game show me how to care

Diamond in the treasure of royal crest,

And fresh and daisy they are florist and flower and rose

Come to pay, the respects on the tops marked open and willing,

And the time moved faster

Into the upper deck of the heavenly sky.

All night and day it is flowing, its news cycle, the history

Yard deep as the lush, the stories from the beginnings -


And turning, burning and lasting

Good man giving.


The toss of turn and courage

and will through believing,


in truth of principles

on solid tested rock,

rolling over the blindspots,

cheering the dream colors

of rainbow faithfully aimed arrows.

The haze: forged ahead and

bravery days, which champion

above high swollen tide.

Laughter over pride—

in experience gained.

Mind dust off old grime.

Young spirit,—

most bright as blazed sparks,

glows in the heart.

Does this test measure the character?

Does this time measure the voyage?

Man discovered!

From Growl of Glory

Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved.


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