2009 World Series

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2009 World Series

World Series…

So the World Series is set. It is the Philadelphia Phillies vs the New York Yankees. Not really sure where your allegiance lies within MLB but I myself am a Pittsburgh Pirate fan. Yes I said it - The Pittsburgh Pirates. Not just because of the pierogie races or the beautiful ball park but because it is my hometown team and I have a feeling my childrens childrens will see them make the playoffs. So in saying that the other team I cheer for is the Boston Red Sox so that makes me an instant Yankee hater. The reason for my love of the Red Sox comes from the 80’s when my cousin decided to attend school in Boston. She ended up marry a guy from Massachussets and he instantly turned me into a Sox fan at a young age. I remember playing baseball in the backyard pitching like Clemens or playing third like Boggs. That was years ago and I suffered through the curse. It was a great relief and fitting that we won 2 in 3 years. Now lets just hope I can suffer through this 15 year losing streak the Pirates are going through. Like I said my childrens children will see them win.

I'm a Red Sox fan so I have no love for the Yankees. So I will not be cheering for them. So now that leaves us with the Filthydelphia Phillies. No reason to cheer for them as I’m from Pittsburgh I have no love of Philadelphia except for there cheese steaks. But since I’m a huge sports fan and I will watch the World Series I will be cheering for the lesser of two evils. So the Phillies it is. Beat those Damn Yankees!

P.S. I'm not an A-rod fan and its interesting he is actually hitting the ball this post season. I like to think Kate has something to do with that. Whatever works A-Rod and that goes for you to Kate. Not sure I would want to be sleeping with my man while a picture of him as a Centaur is hanging above. =)

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