Brett Favre

Amanda HigginsContributor INovember 3, 2009

Brett Favre

Not sure about anyone else but I’m a BRETT FAVRE FAN. I said it I LOVE Brett Favre. There is just something about him that made me an instant fan. Could it be my mother told me countless stories about the Packers and Vince Lombardi that the Packers were a constant so Brett had to be, nope not it. Could it be his smile, Yes. Could it be his tenacity, yes. His fight, yes. His love for the game of football, his love for his family, yes. The fact he leaves the field throwing everything he has into the game, yes. The fact he is absolutely beautiful, HELL YES. The man has played 16+ seasons and holds countless records. He is 40 years old and can still play at a high level. Not only does he still have it he still loves to play. He has earned his right to play.

I admit seeing him in purple hurts my eyes but his backside still looks good so I’ll take him in any color. But in all seriousness I love Brett Favre and for me as a fan of football I’ve enjoyed watching him and will continue to enjoy him regardless if it is slinging a football or watching him in a Wrangler commercial.

Even though I’m a fan of Favre, the Favre-mania is a bit insane. So he flip flopped a few times. Who hasn’t? I just can’t believe how many times we have to hear Favre’s name during a football broadcast. The Vikings won’t even be playing and Favre is talked about. We can thank Madden for that as I’m sure he is somewhere in Cali loving every minute they mention Favre’s name. Madden is happy his legacy is carried on and the name Favre will forever be meshed in the mind of every sportscaster.

To Favre, I’m glad my Steelers beat that ass in Heinz Field and I’m laughing at that Green Bay barber who threw all his Favre memorabilia away. What a tard! Doesn’t he realize his hate for you cost him some dollars? Oh well his loss I got your rookie card so keep rocking it Favre I would like to retire in 35 years.