5 Things That Will Start The Browns On The Road To Recovery!

Joseph BosaCorrespondent INovember 3, 2009

Its a well known fact that that the Cleveland Browns are one of the worst teams in the NFL. With a record of 1-7 its safe to say the Browns season is finished. Not only is the season finished but some players are finished. Jamal Lewis has already stated that he plans to retire after this NFL season. So its time to start planning for next year. There are five "particular" things the Browns need to do.

1. Address the running back situation. James Davis is off to a "hot" start already. Besides being out for the season he got into legal problems. Jamal Lewis had a great career but I knew even before the season began he was done. Now the best thing the Browns can do is pursue LenDale White. He is a young back that has proven he can rush for 1000 yards. He is an unrestricted free agent. The Titans have no use for him anyways. If White dosen't want to sign there are alot of other young serviceable back available but I put White at the top of that list due to age and the skill set he brings.

2. Bring in a veteran presence at WR and TE. There are going to be severable free agents available this offseason. I would target Chris Chambers at WR and Tony Scheffler at TE. Both are skilled and at a fairly good age. This gives us some stability and skill at both positions. **(Note Chris Chambers was just signed by the Chiefs)**

3. Add a Lineman on either side of the ball. The Browns will have a top five pick in this years draft. They need to target a good lineman. I would target either Ndamukong Suh DT or Trent William's OT in the draft. Suh would look amazing next to Shaun Rogers. The Browns would have one of the best D-lines in all of football. Williams would give us a great right tackle to pair with Joe Thomas. Either way we improve both sides of the ball.

4. Cut Anderson and give Quinn another shot. It's a know fact that the only way a QB is going to develop is by playing. Quinn has started a total of 6 games in his career. Give the guy another shot. Hope the offensive line pulls things together and gives him some protection. Quinn has skill allot more than Derek Anderson. We need to cut Anderson and get rid of him. Stop thinking about 07 that was a mirage. Anderson was just feasting off the amazing play of Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow. Give Quinn a shot of confidence by dumping Anderson. He'll find a good job in the CFL.

5. Finally the biggest of them all. Get rid of Eric Mangini!!!! He is a joke of a coach. He took some of Cleveland's best players a shipped them off for practically nothing. If he traded Cribbs I might have burned all my Cleveland gear. Why is Mangini still he coach when Mike Shanahan and Jon Gruden are still out their. Are you kidding me seriously? Mangini has never had success in the NFL, people think he did because of that one year he had with the Jets in 06. Yet people forget that was Herm Edwards team. Mangini had little to do with that. 

These are just a few suggestion's. I don't care what Cleveland does they need to just figure something out and fast. At this moment there is no other team lower than Cleveland. Firing Kokinis was good start now lets start building up again.