Back To the Future: The Andy Pettitte-Pedro Martinez Showdown

Joe HuberCorrespondent INovember 3, 2009

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 29:  Starting pitcher Pedro Martinez #45 of the Philadelphia Phillies comes out of the game in the seventh inning against the New York Yankees in Game Two of the 2009 MLB World Series against at Yankee Stadium on October 29, 2009 in the Bronx borough of New York City.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Andy Pettitte and Pedro Martinez will face each other to decide if the World Series will go to seven games.

Brett Favre is coming off a four touchdown performance.

Miami (FL) is in the Top 25 and making noise on a national level.

Ball State is in the midst of a disappointing season.

I'm way overusing one liners to make a point.

I feel like I've died and gone back to 2003.

The whole point of what I'm about to write is that two of the better stories in baseball are going toe to toe tomorrow night in what has been, thus far, an entertaining series.

More people have tuned in to watch than last year, but last year set a mark in low ratings. Greg the Bunny might have had more viewers.

November 4th (yeah, November), will have one of the most intriguing pitching matchups of our time.

'Ro vs. Andy will be decided in the Supreme Court of baseball. The New Yankee Stadium.

As they take the mound, it will be the strategy and grit they dig deep to find that will interest me more than anything.

How effective can Pettitte be on three days rest?  How many times will Martinez get away with an 86 mph fastball?

Both have already pitched in the series.  Both went six innings.  Martinez gave up one less run (three).  Petite has one more win.

But, now they face each other. In the Bronx.

The edge has to go to Pettitte, but crazier things have happened in the world series.

Like a small second baseman blasting five home runs.

Which brings the next point for Mr. Pettitte to answer. Will he pitch to Chase Utley?

Will Pedro give Mark Teixeira the fastball he's been missing the last five games of the series?

Too many questions, I know, but that's what I'm thinking of right now.  The game is less than 24 hours away, and it's very excited to see what unravels.

So with this blast from the past style pitching matchup heading our way, I suggest you grab your popcorn, beer, or whatever you can because both of these pitchers have a little legacy, and a lot of pride, left on the line.