Bragging Rights! What It Needs to Be

GregCorrespondent INovember 4, 2009

To all of the readers of our little project, I say WELCOME to "a night" of no dissapointment. Seriously folks, we've got great matches from SD!, Raw, and ECW, and of course the KOTR is back. Let's get started!

(Pyro goes off, fans cheer, and King introduces us to the KOTR.)

King: Hello everyone in the WWE Universe! Welcome to Bragging Rights!

Cole: Yes King, tonight is a night where Brand Supremicy is a must for the shows.

King: Yes, and the supreme brand, Raw, will have an amazing show! And we WILL win the King of the Ring. Here are the matches folks:

Rey Mysterio vs. Evan Bourne

Chavo Guerrerro vs. Tyler Reks

Shelton vs. Masters

Knox vs. Carlito

JR: Hold on King, Raw isn't the only brand at this slobber knocker.

Striker: ECW is here too, and let's be honest. No one can top the land of extreme!

King: Well guys, your about to see why Raw is so dominant, because here is the first round!

Rey Mysterio vs. Evan Bourne: KOTR First Round

Rey Rey comes down first, fans screaming for the luchador. Mysterio has on his PPV wear, this time, a SD! mask and pants, as he gets in the ring. His opponent comes out. Evan Bourne, the #1 contender for the US Title, runs out to the ring with a big pop from the crowd. The two shake hands as they begin the match. They collide in the middle, but Rey overpowers Evan, pushing him into the corner.

Rey hits some chops on Evan and then goes to the middle of the ring. He holds his chain, then looks up, then runs at Evan and hits a dropkick to the corner. Evan falls over and coughs repeatedly. He pulls himself up only to fall in between the ropes. Rey looks like he wants to finish this early. He goes for the 619, but Evan dodges, and hits Rey with a wheel kick.

Evan gets up and walks over to Rey. He goes for the Standing Moonsault, but Rey puts his knees up and Evan crashes. Rey jumps up to his feet. He springboards off the ropes onto Evan with a flying crossbody. 1..2.. Evan kicks out. Evan rolls outside the ring. Rey waits for him to get up, then jumps over the rope for a dive, but Evan moves. Rey lands on his feet, but Evan drops Rey's face down with a knee facebuster. The ref's count hits 6. Evan throws Rey back inside. Evan gets on the apron. He jumps over with a body splash.

1..2.. Rey kicks out. Evan pulls Rey into the middle of the ring. He puts Rey in the sleeperhold with body scissors. Rey looks like he's fading. Rey's arm goes down. He looks like he passed out.

King: Do you see that JR? Not only did Evan beat Rey, but he didn't even use his finisher!

JR: It's not over yet King, look!

Rey puts up a fight. He rolls over and gets on his stomach. He stands up with Evan on his back! He falls back and Evan's head hits the ropes. Evan is holding his neck in pain. Rey struggles to get back up as does Evan. Evan goes for a hurricanrana, but Rey catches Evan. He powerbombs Evan! Rey goes up top. He points up at Eddie. He jumps off with a Frog Splash, but Evan rolls out of harms way. He then hits the Standing Moonsault on Rey. 1..2.. Rey kicks out. Evan signals for the Air Bourne. He goes up top

He looks ready and points at the crowd, but Rey is already up. He runs at the corner and grabs the ropes. His momentum swings him around on top and kicks Evan in the back of the skull for an odd 619! Evan falls straight on his head. Rey points up again and hits the Frog Splash! 1..2..3! Rey advances!!!

King: NO! Cheat! He cheated! Evan should've won!

Striker: Wow, looks like Raw isn't really doing too hot in the beginning.

JR: Now now boys, calm down. This is all just competition.

King: Competition my royal ass! It's not right.

Rey pulls Evan to his feet. They shake hands. Evan holds Reys arm up. Rey leaves first. Evan follows... but Charlie Haas comes out from under the ring! He clotheslines him in the back of the head! Evan's skull crashes on the ramp. Haas picks him up and hits a T-Bone! He then puts Evan in the Haas of Pain! Kofi Kingston runs down and scares off Haas.

King: Wow! Good thing Kofi came down. The #1 Contender looks in bad shape.

JR: Let's get to the next match and hope that Evan will make it to his match tomorrow.

Striker: Yeah, next is (Stricker's voice goes high and his face is being drawn on.) HEY! What's going on!

D-X: (HHH) Sorry Matt, we couldn't resist. Let me clear my throat here. Mhp-hm. Ugh.... (Spits onto the floor.)

Shawn: Uh... I'll speak. Tonight there is a tag team triple threat for the UNIFIED TAG TITLES! It's between JeriShow, Cryme Tyme, and the Hart Corporation. Why weren't we invited to the dance? You see folks, we're buddies with JTG and Shad. Since I speak fluent rap, we get along pretty good.

Cryme Tyme comes out.

HHH: So guys, hopefully you two can pull off a win for Raw.

JTG: Ain't no prob in dat G. Cuz we

JTG And Shad: Cool, rappin, and (MVP appears in the back and does a familiar motion, as the crowd chants.) Ballin!

HHH: Uh...

Shawn: He said that it won't be that tough, their young, fast, and talented.

HHH: Oh.

Chavo Guerrerro vs. Tyler Reks: KOTR First Round

Tyler Reks walks down first smiling. He's dancing to his surfing theme, but the fun is ruined by the newly enraged Chavo Guerrerro. Chavito runs down and attacks Reks from behind. He throws Reks into the ring. Chavo follows as the bell is rung. Chavo puts Reks in the corner. He attacks the young up-start. He is hitting the body and head of Reks over and over again. 1..2..3..4..5..6.........27. Chavo walks away as the battered Reks falls over.

Chavo pulls Reks into the middle. He puts Reks in the Texas Cloverleaf, something his Uncle Eddie was known for earlier in his career. Reks is holding his head in extreme pain. He almost taps, but Chavo doesn't want to win that easily. He wants Reks to suffer. He picks him up and throws him into the ropes. Reks runs back and almost decapitates Chavo with a clothesline! Reks feels momentum changing, finally. Chavo gets up and Reks knocks him down with a dropkick. He hits another, then another, then hits Chavo with a Blackout. 1..2.. Chavo kicks out.

Reks waits for Chavo to get up. He runs off the ropes, goes to the otherside as Chavo jumps over him. Reks jumps and springboards off the ropes for a springboard dropkick, but Chavo rolls out the way. Reks gets up and... jumping DDT from Chavo! Chavo puts Reks in the Gory Hold! Reks almost taps and Chavo drops him into the Gory Bomb! 1..2..3! Chavo wins!

King: YES!! A WIN FOR RAW!!! RAW 1 ECW 0!

Striker: Whatever King. ECW's next chance is right now!


Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Masters: KOTR First Round

Masters comes out first, and King cheers the Masterpiece. In fact, King does everything to complement the man besides literally kiss his ass. Masters gets in and down comes the GOLD STANDARD! The greatest athelete in all of sports entertainment gets a huge pop from the crowd. It seems Shelton finally got the right ECW crowd, and they want their man to make it. Let's see if he has what it takes.

Shelton and Masters start with a test of strength. Obviously Masters wins, tossing the ECW star into the ropes. Masters attacks Shelton with brutal shots. He throws Shelton into the ropes again. When he bounces off, Masters hits a Polish Hammer right into his face! Shelton's face is bleeding. Masters picks him up and drops him with a suplex. He drags Shelton into the corner. He goes outside, and Masters pulls his legs into the corner for a "legal low blow". He then slams Shelton's legs into the corner over and over.

Masters tries to do it again, but Shelton pulls his leg and slams Master's head into the pole! Shelton gets up and goes to the top rope. He does a Moonsault and hits Masters with a flipping Moonsault DDT onto the outside! The ref begins his count as both men are down. 1..2..3..4..5.. Shelton gets in, and out. He throws Masters into the guard rail. He goes onto the apron. He jumps off, but Masters catches him and slams his back into the guard rail. He does it again, and again, and then throws him into the steps. Masters puts Shelton back in the ring.

Masters gets in and stomps out Shelton. He shows off his muscles to the crowd, who don't react very well. He turns around to a gut kick, which he catches. Maybe he shouldn't have, because Shelton hits the Dragon Whip on Masters! 1..2..Masters grabs the ropes. Shelton goes for the Pay Dirt, but Masters catches him, spins him around and puts him in the Master Lock! He doesn't hold him long though, as he slams him with a full nelson slam. 1..2.. Shelton kicks out.

Masters wants the Master Lock again. He locks him. Shelton struggles, and somehow manages to kicks Masters with his boot. Masters is stunned, and Shelton hits the Pay Dirt. 1..2..Masters kicks out! Shelton doesn't believe it. Shelton waits for it, and catches Masters who tries to clothesline the Gold Standard. He goes to his old school ways and hits the T-Bone Suplex!! 1..2..3!!! Shelton wins! Shelton wins!

Striker: Yes! What about that King? Masters can't take the Gold Standard?

JR: Haha, wow Matthew, you actually shut up the King. I'm impresed. You are a great announcer.

Striker: Thank you JR, that's why I respect you.

King: .......

Knox vs. Carlito: KOTR First Round

Knox comes down to the ring quickly. Carlito follows. Knox boots Carlito. He waits for Carlito to get up, stalking him. He gets up and Knox hits a devastating Lariat! 1..2.. Carlito gets up. Knox goes for a running big boot, but Carlito gets out of the way. Knox is hung up on the ropes. Carlito runs and hits a jumping side neckbreaker on Knox out of the ring.

The drop is amazing and it looks like Knox broke his neck, but he gets right back up!Carlito goes to hit the big man, but Knox takes the punch like it was nothing and puts him in a Bearhug. Carlito looks like his back is breaking as he keeps bending backwards. The ref counts to 9 and Knox rolls in with Carlito, still holding that deadly clutch.

He slams the Caribean Star down with a spinebuster! 1..2..Carlito kicks out. Knox picks him up by the hair. He sets him up for the Knox Out, but when he spins, Carlito grabs his head and hits a DDT on Knox! Carlito gets up. He gets behind the big man and hits a neckbreaker. Carlito is feeling the momentum. Knox staggers up but Carlito jumps and catches his neck with a hurricanrana. Knox is hung up in the corner in the tree of woe from that move.

Carlito hits a dropkick to the stomach of Knox. He does it again. Carlito screams and does a jumping elbow drop right on Knox's chin. Knox falls out and blood spews from his mouth. Carlito pulls him out, but Knox grabs him by the throat. He stands up and hits the Knox Out! 1..2..3! Knox wins!

JR: Damnit!

Cole: Even though that was an all SD! Match I must say I did not want Knox to win.

Striker: That's because he's a huge devastating son of a...

JR: Calm down Striker.

JR: It doesn't matter. We've got Chavo! What the Hell am I saying?

Franchise comes out to the ring.

Franchise: HAAS! Come down here now!

I Can't Win comes on by Default, and Haas comes down smiling.

Franchise: Haas, you little punk. I will not stand for this. You will not damage your #1 contender before the match! That's ridiculous and I will not allow it. You want to play games? Okay, tomorrow, before your match you will play a game.

DX's music comes on and HHH and Shawn come down to the ring.

Franchise: The Game HHH, and the special Referee will be the Showstopper!

Everyone leaves as all of the broadcast teams show the replay.


Swagger vs. Cena

Jack Swagger comes down to the ring. He does the push-ups as the fireworks explode. Swagger looks ready to win a title tonight! Cena comes down also. Cena comes down a little differently though, holding the chain and swinging it, he gets in the ring.

Swagger tries to take him out, but Cena ducks and hits him with the chain before the bell is rung. Swagger falls into the ropes. Cena sits on his back and pulls up. He waits for the count to get to 4 and lets go. Cena throws Swagger outside. He dives over the ropes with a vaulting press. Cena feel sgreat momentum. He puts Swagger on the pole. He hits a clothesline right onto the corner.

Swagger falls over. Cena puts him in, Swagger's head still hanging out. Cena gets on the apron and hits his Fame-asser variation onto Swagger's head. Cena puts Swagger back in. Cena's a man possessed. Cena puts Swagger in a camal clutch.

King: He's targeting the back of the All-American American. Cena doesn't look like he's loosing his titl tonight.

Cena pulls back so hard Swagger begins to cough up blood. His head is as red as a tomato. Cena lets go. He pulls Swagger to the middle of the ring and covers. 1..2.. Swagger kicks out. Cena sets up for the F-U. He picks him up, but Swagger gets out and hits a neckbreaker. Swagger pins Cena. 1..2.. Cena kicks out. Swagger stomps on the head and shoulders of Cena. Swagger stomps for around two minutes. Cena sits up and Swagger hits a running knee.

Swagger screams "I'm The ALL-AMERICAN CHAMPION!!!!". He waits for Cena and then spears him. 1..2..Cena kicks out. Swagger throws him into the corner and his shoulder hits the pole. He gets back out and Swagger goes for the Swagger Bomb. Cena gets out and hits the Protoplex! He signals for the 5-Knuckle Shuffle... and hits it. He feels the momentum. He's feeling the excitement until Legacy comes down and distracts the referree. Cena looks around and is RKO'd By Randy Orton. Orton then punts Cena's skull off.

Cena can't move. Swagger picks him up and hits the Swagger Bomb! 1..2..3! It's over! Swagger is the champion! Swagger is the New WWE Champion!


Cole: No, no that's not right!

King: Damnit! Swagger stole it!

Franchise comes out.

Franchise: Oh, so that's how everyone wants to play ball here on my show, huh? Well that's fine by me. If your not gonna play nice, I'll have to fight back with my special weapon. But.. we'll wait for Raw for that.

Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrerro: Second Round

Chavo comes out with taped ribs. He doesn't even get a chance to go in as Rey's music comes on and he runs right into the Mexican Warrior. Rey, a man who had a sour year the last time he took on Guerrerro, is still looking for some revenge. He throws Chavo in. Rey stomps the ribs of Chavito. He stomps again, and thin hits a standing moonsault. After that, he hits a seated senton.

Chavo is holding his ribs in extreme pain. Rey looks like he wants to settle this match quickly. He waits for Chavo to get up. Chavo catches Rey when he goes for a hurricanrana and hits a powerbomb. He has Rey layed out. He goes up top, but Santion Marella's music plays. He looks around and sees no one, so he continues to dive, but Rey rolls out the way. He then rolls up Chavo. 1..2..3! Rey just stole a win from Chavo with some help from Santino!

King: WHAT! Chavo! Chavo just had the match stolen! That's not fair! That isn't fair!

JR: I can't say I condone it, but that's another SD! victory.

Shelton vs. Knox: Second Round

Shelton is chased by Knox down to the ring. Knox gets in, and Shelton dropkicks him. Knox gets up, and Shelton hits a running STO. Shelton feels momentum against the big man. He runs at Knox again, but Knox decapitates him with a clothesline. He screams. He puts Shelton in a sleeperhold.

Shelton is fighting. Shelton tries to get out, but Knox again takes away the momentum with a sleeper slam. He still has the hold and picks him back up. Shelton tries to do what he did in the previous match with Masters, but Shelton's leg is caught by the psycotic Knox. He let's go of Shelton's neck and puts him in an ankle lock. He doesn't hold it for long though.

He hangs Shelton in the ropes. He then runs off the ropes and hits a big boot on Shelton. Shelton falls out and stumbles to his feet just in time to get booted again! Knox picks him up and tries to take him out with the Knox Out, but he reverses into some Pay Dirt! He looks up just in time for Drew McIntyre to come to the ring. He distracts the ref. Shelton looks at him, but Knox gets up.

He sets him up for another Knox Out, but Carlito comes in out of nowhere and hits a Back Stabber! Shelton covers as Carlito takes out McIntyre. 1..2..3! Shelton wins just beat the Psycho from SD!

King: Well, Raw is out. But I can cheer for someone. And I'm here to cheer for Shelton Benjamin! Come on ECW!

JR: But you hate ECW King.

Cole: Yeah what's that about.

King: I know I do, but I'm always a Shelton fan!

Striker: Well, he wants Shelton to win, that means we don't have a chance.

JR: Well, here comes the ECW championship


Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to WWE Bragging Rights! I’m so excited to be here to write for all of our loyal and great readers! You guys are amazing! So please keep your wallets closed and read this PPV for free!

The show opens playing its theme song and the recap of all of tonight’s feuds. We are welcomed by Josh Matthews and Matt Striker.

Matthews: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to WWE Bragging Rights! I’m Josh Matthews and joined by the great Matt Striker! And Matt we may have only one match on the card tonight, but I’ll bet you that it will steal the entire show!

Striker: That’s indeed correct Josh as tonight right here; right now we will have the leader of the Ruthless Roundtable and ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Sir William Regal putting his coveted championship on the line in a one-on-one match up against the narcissistic and charismatic Zack Ryder in what is to be a match of the year candidate!

(All of the sudden the camera cuts to show the video build up of the feud between Ryder and Regal.)

Chimel: The following match-up is for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship Title; and it is scheduled for one-fall! Introducing first the challenger, Zack Ryder!

(Zack Ryder comes out to a mixed reaction from the fans as he’s slapping some hands on his way to the ring until out no where Yoshi Tatsu and DJ Gabriel comes out from the back and begins to attack Ryder!)

Gabriel gets Ryder up to his feet and Tatsu delivers a knock out kick to the side of Ryder’s head taking him out! Tatsu begins to drag Ryder down to the ring as Gabriel goes under the ring and gets a steel chair.  Tatsu holds Ryder up in position and Gabriel hits him in the chest twice with the chair and then once in the face!

(The crowd is chanting for Christian to come out to the ring to help Ryder, but Christian is nowhere to be found! All of a sudden, William Regal’s theme plays and he slowly comes out to the ring with a smile on his face with the crowd booing him loudly!)

Tatsu and Gabriel grab the lifeless Ryder and throw him into the ring.

ECW World Heavyweight Title Match

Singles Match

William Regal© vs Zack Ryder

The bell rings when Regal gets into the ring and Tatsu along with Gabriel head to the back. Regal pulls Ryder away from the ropes and goes for the cover, 1..2.. Ryder kicks out! Regal looks confused and unimpressed. Regal hooks the leg of Ryder and goes for yet another cover, 1..2.. Ryder kicks out again and now Regal is frustrated!

Regal backs away and begs for Ryder to make it up to his feet. As soon as he does, Regal charges forward and tries to go for his Knee Trembler, but Ryder dodges the shot and hits a neckbreaker! He covers the champion, 1..2.. Regal kicks out. Ryder slowly crawls to the bottom rope and desperately tries to climb his way up to his feet.

Regal gets to his feet first and runs to Ryder, but Ryder pulls down the top rope and Regal goes flying over the top rope and hits the floor awkwardly. Both men are down and Ryder slowly begins to regenerate. Regal makes it to his feet and Ryder jumps over the top rope and splashes Regal taking him down hard.

Ryder then gets up and hypes the crowd up before going back on the attack on Regal. Ryder gets Regal up to his feet and viciously throws Regal into the steel steps! Regal goes down and Ryder rolls back into the ring to restart the count. Ryder goes back to the outside and throws him back into the ring.

Ryder goes up to the top rope and Regal finally gets up to his feet only to be met by a huge missile toe dropkick from Ryder! Ryder crawls onto Regal and covers him, 1..2.. Regal kicks out! Ryder gets up and pumps the crowd up. When Regal gets up, Ryder hits a huge Zack Attack!

Ryder covers the champ, 1..2.. Burchill runs out and elbow drops the ref! Burchill gets Ryder and delivers a nasty ddt! Burchill then hits his signature curb-stomp finisher on the back of the head of Ryder. Burchill then goes outside the ring and gets the chair that Gabriel had and gets into the ring. He stands over the downed Ryder and picks up the chair to swing.

(All of a sudden Christian’s theme hits, but no one comes out. Burchill is distracted, but Christian comes out of the crowd and hits Burchill in the back of the head with the ECW Title!)

Christian drops the belt and goes to the outside of the ring and continues his attack on Burchill. Ryder gets up and he gets the dazed Regal up to his feet. Ryder goes for another Zack Attack, but Regal low blows Ryder and hits his signature Knee Trembler!

He covers the challenger and the dazed ref crawls back into the ring and counts, 1-2-3! It’s over and Sir William Regal retains his ECW World Heavyweight Championship Title! Christian slides into the ring and hits a big time Unprettier! Christian then picks up the ECW belt and poses with it until the camera cuts to backstage.

(The camera then shows Batista talking to Rey backstage, but Jericho interrupts.)

Jericho: So I guess you guys are coming up with a strategy to face me later on tonight for the King Of The Ring Crown, yeah that’s sweet Rey, that you need Batista to constantly watch your puny little back as you’re completely too pathetic to leave him be.

Batista: Oh yeah?! So I guess that you need no one to watch your back huh? I guess that you are actually the one who led your team to winning those titles and keeping them huh?

Jericho: Hmm… Rey your partner here isn’t as retarded as he looks. Yeah, I don’t need anybody to watch my back, I don’t need anybody to help me retain my UNIFIED TAG TEAM BELTS! I am the…

Mysterio: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know your accomplishments, but you’re forgetting one simple little thing: You’re not even guaranteed to face anyone tonight for the King Of The Ring Crown because you just may end up losing those pretty little titles of yours. You never know Jericho, you may end up crowning me King Of The Ring before the night is over!

(The crowd pops big!)

Jericho: Yeah, Rey, you’re a real immature jerk! But that’s fine, as long as that big idiot doesn’t cost me my match; I know that I can lead us to retaining my belts! Just you wait Mysterio, because you’re not even guaranteed to be in the finals, hell you’re not guaranteed to be in the semi-finals!

Batista: Oh yeah?! Well, I got even a better one for you: Big Show just heard every single word you said man. Ha, he’s right behind you, later!

(Both Rey Mysterio and Batista walk off together and the camera pans back to show the Big Show standing behind Jericho with a huge smile on his face. The camera then cuts to Tony Chimel in the ring.)

Chimel: The following match-up is for WWE Women’s Title, introducing first, the first challenger from Los Angeles, California, please welcome Melina!

(Melina comes out to a massive pop as she makes her way to the ring.)

Introducing then next challenger, from Palatka, Florida Michelle McCool!

(She comes out to a mixed reaction as she is on her way to the ring.)

And the WWE Women’s Champion, now residing in Hartford, Connecticut Natalya!

(Natalya comes out to some massive heat! She’s no longer draped in her usual pink attire as she is wearing white. Her hair is now completely blonde.. She has gone CORPORATE!)

WWE Women’s Championship Match

Triple Threat Match

Natalya© vs Michelle McCool vs Melina

After the formal introductions are over, all women stand-off and stare each other down. McCool rushes to Melina and Natalya just gets out of the ring and watches. Melina and McCool exchange blows and Melina gets the best of the exchange. She bounces McCool off of the ropes and clotheslines the crap out of her!

She goes for a quick cover and McCool kicks out at 1. Melina locks in a chin lock and McCool is screaming in agony. McCool slowly begins to show her strength as she begins to separate Melina’s hands from her chin. Both women struggle to make it up to their feet. McCool reverses the hold and hits a tiger suplex pin maneuver, 1..2.. Melina kicks out and Natalya just watches on from ringside.

McCool stands up and directs her attention to Natalya and begins to scream at her, “what’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you fighting?! Get in here!” All of a sudden, Melina rolls McCool up for a school-boy pin attempt, 1..2.. McCool kicks out and both women make it up to their feet at the same time. They run to each other and they both try a cross body attempt at the same time.

Both women are down and Natalya slowly gets into the ring. She goes over to McCool and leaps up to hit a huge knee drop, she goes for the cover, 1..2... McCool kicks out. Natalya just smiles and goes over to Melina who rolls her up out of nowhere for a small package cover, 1..2.. Natalya kicks out quickly gets to her feet.

McCool slowly gets to her feet. Natalya begins viciously stomping on the downed Melina until McCool runs up and knocks her out with a running big boot! McCool covers Natalya, 1..2.. Melina breaks up the pin attempt. Melina and McCool begin trading blows again, this time with McCool getting the better of the exchange.

McCool bounces Melina off of the ropes and hits a nice looking belly-to-belly suplex! Melina in a daze gets to her feet and stumbles into a corner. McCool runs at Melina and hits a huge splash and Melina stumbles out only to go down by a hard bulldog by McCool. She goes for the cover, 1..2..

Melina kicks out again! Natalya slowly rolls out of the ring out to the floor to recuperate.  McCool locks in a reverse head lock on Melina as the ref checks on her. 1..2.. Melina slowly, but surely makes it to her feet and strikes McCool with a few elbow shots.

Melina bounces off of the ropes, but Natalya pulls down the top rope causing her to fall out to the floor! McCool walks over to Natalya, but Natalya throws some powder in the face of McCool, but the ref never saw it! McCool is screaming and Natalya quickly gets into the ring and hits a huge german suplex. Natalya then goes to the legs of McCool and locks in the Sharpshooter!

From under the ring, someone is holding the leg of Melina preventing her from re-entering the ring, until McCool finally taps out! Natalya holds the hold in a little bit longer until the ref forces her to release the hold. He raises Natalya’s hand in victory as to mystery hand is revealed to belong to Drew McIntyre!

He gets into the ring and celebrates with Natalya as we cut to the World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk, Shane McMahon, and Vince McMahon in Shane’s office.

Punk: One down, three to go. Tonight is going to be a night of celebration my good men, as tonight, the Corporation shall reign supreme over the entire WWE Universe!

(We cut to Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison making their ways to the ring in split-screen as their video promo package is shown to hype up their feud for the match.)

 Chimel: The following contest is for the Intercontinental Championship Title! First, Introducing the champion, from Hollywood, California he is the Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler!

(Ziggler comes out with a huge grin on his face as the camera shows the McMahons and Punk carefully watching the monitor. The camera cuts back to Ziggler’s entrance..)

And the challenger, from Los Angeles, California John Morrison!

(Morrison comes out to the biggest pop of the century as he makes his star-studded entrance to the ring.)

Intercontinental Championship Title Match

Singles Match

Dolph Ziggler© vs John Morrison

As soon as the bell rings, Morrison and Ziggler locks up and Ziggler gets Morrison in a headlock. Morrison then tries to throw Ziggler off, but Ziggler holds on tightly. Morrison then picks him up and tries to go for a back suplex, but Ziggler lands on his feet and locks in a sleeper hold.

Morrison slowly begins to fade out and the ref begins his count, 1…2… Morrison raises his arm up in the air and begins to deliver some elbow shots to the gut of Ziggler. Morrison bounces off of the ropes and Ziggler tries to go for a clothesline, but Morrison ducks the blow.

Morrison returns with a huge flying clothesline of his own. Ziggler hits the mat hard and stumbles back into a corner. Morrison runs straight to Ziggler and hits a turnbuckle dropkick. Ziggler in a daze walks out and falls flat on his face hard. Morrison goes for the cover, 1.. Ziggler kicks out.

Morrison goes for a sleeper hold. Ziggler quickly reacts to the maneuver and rolls out of the ring with the Hart Dynasty. Morrison decides to bounce off of the ropes and he hops up to the top rope then dives off with a splash onto The Hart Dynasty, but Ziggler moves out of the way.

Ziggler gets Morrison up quickly and viciously throws him into the steel steps! Ziggler then gets Morrison up to his feet and clotheslines him down to the floor. Ziggler rolls back into the ring at the ref’s count of 8, but he rolls right back out and resets the count. He gets Morrison and drags him by his leg and places his leg behind the steps.

Ziggler then backs away and dropkicks the stairs onto Morrison’s leg! Morrison yanks his leg back and screams in pain. Ziggler then gets Morrison and rolls him into the ring and goes for the cover, 1…2… Morrison kicks out! Ziggler looks shocked. Ziggler begins to work on the left leg of Morrison.

Ziggler gets Morrison’s leg and wraps it around the second rope and hooks it into the first rope. The ref begins to count as Ziggler starts stomping on the knee of Morrison. When the ref’s count gets to 3 Ziggler unwraps Morrison’s leg. Ziggler then gets Morrison’s leg and locks in a half crab.

Morrison looks to be in tremendous pain and it looks as if he’s getting ready to tap. All of a sudden, Morrison’s head falls to the mat face first. The ref goes over to check on Morrison. Out of nowhere Morrison quickly revives and begins to crawl over to the ropes.

Morrison finally reaches the bottom rope and Ziggler holds the hold in while the ref counts. 1..2..3..4, Ziggler finally lets go and begins to celebrate in the ring as if he won, but the ref explains to him that the match wasn’t over. Ziggler gets irate and runs over to Morrison and tries to attack him, but Morrison rolls him up for a cover, 1..2.. Ziggler kicks out and quickly gets to his feet.

He charges to Morrison, but Morrison catches him with a huge drop toe hold! Ziggler’s throat bounced off of the second rope and both men are down.. The rope begins to count, 1..2..3..4..5..6..7, Morrison hops up on one leg and Ziggler runs to Morrison, but he moves out of the way and Ziggler’s shoulder bounced off of the ring post.

Morrison rolls him up and goes for the cover, 1..2.. Ziggler kicks out! Morrison slowly gets to his feet, but Ziggler gets up first and goes behind Morrison and goes for his finisher, but Morrison hits him with a pele kick hard and Ziggler falls to the mat in a daze. Morrison goes for the cover, 1..2.. Ziggler kicks out!

Morrison exhausted drags Ziggler to the corner and sets up for the Starship Pain. Morrison jumps up and bounces off of the top rope and lands onto Ziggler, but Ziggler had his knees up! Morrison rolls in pain, but slowly rises to his feet. Out comes Shane!

Shane distracts the ref and Morrison goes and gets into the face of Shane. Ziggler slowly crawls over to Morrison and low blows him.  Ziggler comes from behind Morrison and hits the Zig-Zag! He goes for the cover, 1-2-3!

It’s set and done, Ziggler defeated Morrison and retains the Intercontinental Title! Shane comes in and raises Ziggler’s hands in victory! They head to the back as the commentary team of Jim Ross and Todd Grisham hype up the Triple Threat Tag Team Match!

(The camera shows a video tribute to the long title reign of JeriShow and cuts to a hype up of The Corporate Dynasty. Then a hype up of their long time rivals Cryme Tyme. A visual of all the teams pop up and Chimel is in the ring for the introductions.)

Chimel: The following bout is for the Unified Tag Team Championship! Introducing the champions, Chris Jericho and The Big Show!

(Both men come down to the ring with Jericho smiling and Show looks bored.)

Introducing their first challengers, representing the Corporation, The Corporate Dynasty!

(They both come out to the ring, but they don’t enter.)

And introducing the final challengers, Cryme Tyme!

(Both men come out dancing to a huge chorus of cheers from the WWE Universe.)

Unified Tag Team Championship Titles Match

Triple Threat Tag Team Match

JeriShow© vs Cryme Tyme vs The Corporate Dynasty

Kidd and JTG start things out. They lock up in the center of the ring and JTG locks in a headlock on Kidd. Kidd reverses the maneuver into a hammerlock. JTG reverses and locks in a hammerlock of his own. Kidd throws and elbows, but JTG ducks the shot and hits a fireman’s carry on Kidd and locks in another headlock.


Kidd sits up and begins to get to his feet, when he does, he hits a fireman’s carry of his own on JTG and locks in a chin lock. The crowd begins to get behind JTG. JTG makes it to his feet and delivers and arm drag and locks in an armbar.


Kidd reverses the armbar and hits JTG with a hip toss. Kidd charges at JTG, but JTG sidesteps Kidd and hits a huge hip toss on Kidd. JTG tries to bounce Kidd off of the ropes, but Kidd reverses and sends JTG into the ropes and tries to go for a tilt-a-whirl slam, but JTG reverses and hits a spinning hurricanrana! Kidd quickly gets to his feet in a standoff between he and JTG as the crowd applauds.


JTG gets into position and so does Kidd, until he slowly smiles and tags in The Big Show. Big Show slowly gets into the ring, but as soon as he gets in Shad asks for the tag and JTG tags him in.


Show charged at Shad in the corner, but Shad drop-toe holds him into the turnbuckle. Shad tried a STO but Show picked him up and hits a huge spine buster on Shad. Show goes for the cover, 1..2.. Shad kicks out and Show drags him to his corner. Chris tags himself in and he begins to continuously kick Shad in the sternum.


Chris then backs away and then springboards off the second rope and dropkick Shad in the chest. Shad is down sitting in the corner. Chris goes over and says something to JTG, then he charges and delivers a huge knee shot to the chest of Shad.


He drags him out of the corner and goes for the cover. 1..2.. Shad kicks out of the pin. Chris gets up goes up to the second rope. He yells something to the crowd and dives off of the rope, but Shad puts his boot up and Chris hits his chin on the boot of Shad!


Both men are down and JTG is bouncing up and down to get the tag. Shad gets to JTG first and he comes charging out and knocks Show off of the apron with a dropkick to his knee. JTG then exchange right and left handed shots with Chris. Chris gets the better of the two and bounces JTG off of the ropes.


JTG returns and hits a tornado d-d-t on Chris! Show gets into the ring, and throws his signature knockout punch, but JTG ducks it and he accidently hits the reviving Chris! DH Smith charges forward and goes for a clothesline, but Show sidesteps him and he accidently hits Kidd! JTG runs to Show, but Show kicks him in the chin for his efforts!


Smith turns around and as soon as he does, Show hits him hard with a choke slam! Show then gets Chris up to his feet. Chris sees JTG down and climbs up to the top rope. Chris smiles and yells to the crowd, “This is my world now!” As soon as he dives off, Show hits him out of mid-air with the knockout out punch! The crowd goes nuts!

Show slowly exits the ring and heads to the back.

JTG and Kidd slowly crawl over to Jericho and both men drape their arms over Jericho, the ref counts, 1-2-3! It’s done and The Corporate Dynasty and Cryme Tyme are the Unified Tag Champs! Shad gets JTG up to his feet and Smith gets Kidd up. Vince’s face pops up on the screen to a huge amount of booes.

Vince: Since both teams pinned the champion at the same exact time, I’m declaring the split between both sets of titles! That’s right, Cryme Tyme are the new World Tag Team Champions and The Corporate Dynasty are the new WWE Tag Team Champions!

Cryme Tyme celebrates their newly won titles as Jericho heads to the back looking extremely sad.


Shelton Benjamin vs. Rey Mysterio: KOTR Final

The Final King of the ring match is up, as Rey Mysterio makes it to the ring first. He is staring at the Royal Chair of the Ring and the crown. The possible future King Mysterio gets inside and waits for Shelton. Shelton comes out with a crowd sign that says "King Shelton". The crowd is screaming for him. Shelton gets in the ring. They shake hands and begin.

Shelton takes Rey down after winning the test of strength with a leg sweep. He follows that with an armbar. He pulls back on Rey's arm, but he rolls over and applies a leglock on Shelton. Both men pull back on their submissions and have to release. Shelton gets up first and hits a clothesline on the Underdog. Shelton runs off the ropes and hits an elbow, then another, followed by a hesitation leg drop.

1..2.. Rey kicks out. Shelton goes for the same combination, but misses the leg drop. Rey kicks Shelton right in the side of the face. Rey hits a jumping front flip senton on Shelton. Rey picks up Shelton and drops him with a jawbreaker. Rey goes to the outside. Shelton gets up and Rey springboards in with a hurricanrana pin. 1..2..Shelton kicks out. Rey runs off the ropes for some kind of attack, but Shelton almost decapitates him with a spinning leg clothesline.

Rey back flips and lands on his neck. Shelton picks him up and goes for a T-Bone, but Rey gets out and his a jumping reverse neckbreaker. 1..2..Shelton puts his foot on the ropes. Shelton gets up and the competitors begin a kicking contest. Shelton tries a dragon whip, but Rey ducks and dropkicks his back, which causes him to get hung up on the ropes. Rey goes for the 619... and hits it!

Rey screams at the crowd and they chant "619 619." Rey goes for the West Coast Pop, but Shelton hits the Pay Dirt! 1..2..3! Shelton Benjamin wins the KOTR! Shelton is the new King!

Shelton grabs a mic.

Shelton: Turn of that music! Jericho! Oh Jericho! You remember the deal right!?

Chris Jericho comes down to the ring, angry.

Shelton: Okay you little turd. Crown me. Crown your king!

Jericho looks around for all of about ten minutes. He finally crowns him.

Shelton: Now robe me!

Jericho puts the robe around Shelton.

Shelton: Now kiss my feet you little bitch!

Jericho doesn't do it.

Shelton: Yeah, it's okay. You deserve some pay for doing all this. Really you deserve it. You've been through a lot. You need some Pay...Dirt!

Shelton hits the Pay Dirt on Jericho! Shelton leaves the ring as Jericho twitches.



(The camera cuts to a visual of the Undertaker vs CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Title appears on the screen. Then it shows a nice long video build up for the match up.)

Chimel: Now for the main event! The following match is a Special Referee Match! Introducing first the Special Referee for the evening, Shane McMahon!

(Shane comes out in his referee gear dancing around and quickly runs to slides in the ring. The crowd is giving him an amazing amount of heat!)

Now introducing the guest time-keeper for the evening, he is the WWE Chairman of the Board, Mr. McMahon!

(Out comes Vince strutting to the ring with a huge smirk on his face and the booes get louder and louder with each step he takes to the ring!)

And now please welcome the champion, he is the first and only Straight Edged World Heavyweight Champion in the history of the WWE, CM Punk!

(Punk comes out walking slowly to the ring smiling at his chances. The crowd is giving him both cheers and booes, but they are so loud that you can’t tell if they hate him or love him.)

And introducing the challenger, all the way from Death Valley, he is the Deadman, The Undertaker!

(The Undertaker comes out in with a huge amount of eerie mist surrounding him in darkness. The crowd gives him the absolute biggest pop you could imagine!)

World Heavyweight Championship Title Match

Special Referee and Time-Keeper Match

The Undertaker vs CM Punk©

Referee: Shane McMahon

Time Keeper: Vince McMahon

Both men meet in the center off the ring and stare into each other’s eyes. Punk slaps the face of The Undertaker! The crowd is in complete silence. Taker explodes with right and left handed blows to the head of Punk. Punk stumbles all the way into the corner. Taker begins to wail on Punk with blows to the skull.

Taker then begins stomping on Punk in the corner. He then steps back and throws his knee into the face of Punk. Punk is out cold! Taker gets him up and hits snake eyes, Taker quickly bounces off of the ropes and hits a big time big boot to the face of Punk. He then bounces off of the ropes again and lands a huge leg drop.

Unlike normal, Taker doesn’t go for the pin. Taker slowly begins to grind his forearm into the face of Punk. He finally releases and goes to the outside of the ring. Taker takes apart the steel steps and tries to slide them into the ring, but Punk baseball slides the stairs into the face of Taker!

Punk then lays in the ring for a short moment recovering and goes to the outside to work on Taker. As soon as he gets to Taker, Taker sits up and gets to his feet. Punk throws a right hand, but Taker responds with a right off his own. Taker then grabs the back of Punk’s head and tries to bounce it off of the steel post, but Punk puts his foot up blocking the post and throws Taker into it instead.

Taker’s head bounces off of it hard. Punk then dropkicks the back of Taker causing him to hit his head off of the steel post again. Taker falls to one knee holding his head. Punk then looks under the ring and gets a lead pipe. He begins to beat the back of Taker with the pipe. Punk then rolls Taker back into the ring. Punk then throws in two chairs.

Punk gets into the ring and picks up a chair. He picks it up as if he’s going to hit Taker with it, but Taker grabs his throat just like he did at Summerslam. Taker makes it to his feet and tries to chokeslam Punk, but Punk reverses mid-air and turns it into a huge d-d-t! Punk goes for the cover, 1..2.. Taker kicks out. Punk gets up and gets a chair. Punk then lodges the chair into the corner.

He then sets the second chair in the center of the ring, while he’s still setting up the chairs, Taker sits up! As soon as Punk turns around, Taker chokeslams Punk through the chair! He goes for the cover, 1..2.. Punk kicks out! Taker then bounces off of the ropes and delivers a leg drop. He goes for the cover again, 1..2.. Punk kicks out again!

Taker then gets up and then gets Punk up to his feet. Taker sets Punk up for Old School! Taker walks the rope, but Punk pulls him down onto his shoulders and hits a GTS! Taker is out and Punk goes for the cover, 1..2.. Thr… Taker kicks out! Punk looks surprised.

Vince begins barking orders as he makes his way into the ring. Shane goes to Taker and begins stomping on him. Punk goes to the outside and looks under the ring. He pulls out a barbed wire wrapped 2X4! He slides back into the ring and Shane elbow drops Taker. Vince and Shane both get Taker up to his feet and hold him in front of Punk.

Punk looks at the 2X4 and swings, but Taker turns around and Punk ends up hitting both Shane and Vince! Vince rolls out to the floor and Shane goes down in the middle of the ring. Punk swings again, but Taker ducks the shot and bounces off of the ropes and hits his signature flying clothesline and Punk goes down hard!

Taker signals for a choke slam, but out comes Knox, McIntyre, Kidd, Smith, and Ziggler! They all get into the ring and begin attacking Taker, but out comes Morrison, MVP, Henry, Hardy, and Carlito! Everyone is inside the ring battling and Vince slowly makes his way to the back with Shane until a huge amount of pyro goes off and Vince and Shane both begin to stumble back down to the ring!

The huge melee ends up going through the crowd and up the ramp with the Corporate Dynasty battling Henry and MVP, Knox battling Carlito, and McIntyre battling Hardy leaving a downed Punk in the ring alone with the McMahons and the Undertaker!

After a while, Taker sits up and Punk slowly makes it to his feet. As soon as Punk turns around Taker throws him back to the outside. Taker goes to the outside as well. He gets Punk and begins to grind his face into the steel steps. Punk slowly begins to bleed. Taker picks Punk up on his shoulder just like he’s going for a tombstone.

Taker backs away and charges the wall completely smashing Punk’s face into the steel post causing the blood to just flow! Taker then sees the wound and begins to target the wound with closed fisted blows. Taker rolls the lifeless Punk into the ring and Taker signals for the match to be over.

Shane backs right into Taker and gets a huge choke slam! Then Vince begins cowering in a corner and begging Taker to stop. Taker stalks McMahon until Punk rushes in! Taker sidesteps Punk and he ends up kicking the crap out of Vince! The crowd explodes for that spot! Punk checks on Vince and as soon as he turns around, Taker lifts him high in the air and hits a powerful Tombstone, he goes for the cover, but Shane is out cold, so Taker grabs Shane’s hand and counts, 1-2-3!

It’s finally over and The Undertaker has regained the World Heavyweight Championship Title! Taker stands up with the belt in his hand and there is nothing, but bodies everywhere! Taker gets down on one knee and poses with his newly won belt and the crowd is extremely excited to have the belt back around the Deadman’s waist!



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