Parity Isn't Dead, The Cardiac Cats Could Ride Again.

VanceContributor INovember 3, 2009


We have all seen the Carolina Panthers' ups and downs all season.  Even in the Panthers 2 wins (before Sunday), we had yet to see the Panthers get it done in all phases.  But I'm sure we all screamed our lungs out when the Panthers physically beat up the Cardinals.  Julius Peppers is playing inspired football.  He actually looks like he cares about this team, and his teammates.  The D-line as a whole played fantastic.  Charles Johnson batted Warner's passes all night.  and Hollis Thomas, alongside Tank Tyler, could be one of the Panthers best mid-season pickups ever.  The Award of the Day gets split between the secondary and Jake Delhomme.  Jake didn't do much, but how many people went into the game thinking Jake would throw 0 ints?  Not many, I love Jake, and respect him for sticking with it, and never giving up.  The secondary lead by rookie Sherrod Martin (silently by Chris Harris) picked off Warner 5 times. They constantly kept good coverage. 



Let's face facts, the Saints will win the NFC South, barring a catastrophic breakdown.  But second place, and a playoff berth isn't out of the question.  Losses to both Philly and the Cowboys will hurt, mainly because of the tiebreaker.  But lets stick with Sunday.  The Panthers CAN beat the Saints.  No, I'm not on medication, and I'm not just a delusional fan.  I could care less what the "analysts" say.  Parity isn't dead.  There are no guaranteed wins in the NFC.  We are playing the same Saints team that was the Number 1 offense last year.  And the same Drew Brees that threw for over 5000 yards, and came with 17 yards of breaking Dan Marino's record, against us.  The only difference?  The Saints can now play defense.  But guess what?  So can we.  Football is full of passion and desire, and this Panthers team wants it just as bad as they do.  Their backs are against the wall for the rest of the season.  They are 1 game behind the Falcons, and yet everyone seems to think that the NFC South is the Saints and the Falcons to lose.  The Panthers are no strangers at coming from behind, hence our previous nickname "the Cardiac Cats".  Well I see it.  Lights out Defense and running the football.  Delhomme doesn't have to do all, mix a little Double Trouble, with some Steve Smith, and Julius Peppers up front on Defense, and you have the formula for winning.  We have to win the turnover battle.  This team is too good for stupid mistakes.  People outside may not believe, but we believe, and the team believes.  Don't tell me this Panthers team isn't good.  Its only just begun, and the second half of this season- its time to put up, or shut up, and I say this team is up for the challenge.