Eye Gouge Deserves More Than Slap On Wrist

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Eye Gouge Deserves More Than Slap On Wrist
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Brandon Spikes gets a suspension for the first half of the next game against Vandy for this class act move.

I have a couple thoughts on this:

  • He probably would not be suspended at all had LSU or Alabama been next on the schedule. Florida can beat Vandy with its second team defense so Urban is ok with Spikes sitting out a half.
  • This act, in some ways is worse than LeGarrette Blount's punch after the Oregon/Boise State game. Think about it! That was a spur of the moment act that was provoked by an opposing player while Blount was fuming due to an embarrassing loss. This move by Spikes can be argued as a premeditated act, given the history between The Gators and The Bulldogs, and was during a game. He clearly does this with the intent to really hurt The Bulldogs player.
  • This continues to prove that at Florida, Football is more important than anything at their universities and that includes being civil human beings. Looking around the country, there are many schools in the Big Ten, Pac Ten and Big 12, just to name a few, which have disciplined players in a much harsher fashion for doing much less:
    • Dan Connor at Penn State was suspended 4 games in 2005 for making prank phone call
    • Early this year, Ohio State suspended a player for one game for a helmet to helmet hit during a game
    • Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant is suspended for the season for lying about his relationship with Deion Sanders
      • These are just a few examples of getting much more for much less
  • The NCAA and the SEC want Florida to be in the National title game. Neither governing body has made a statement nor delivered a more severe punishment than the one Urban Meyer delivered.
  • Come time for the NFL draft, team's better look at this affect Spike's draft stock. In the NFL, with Commisioner Goodell running the show, you better believe Spikes would get much more than a half game slap on the wrist.

If you don't agree with me, take it from a guy who played football and has his head on straight. Click here for Mike Golic's thoughts.

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