Who Is The Greatest Tag Team in Pro Wrestling History?

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistNovember 3, 2009

Tag team wrestling has lost its flare over the past decade or so, but before that it was just as popular as the singles wrestling.  Almost any great wrestler has either started in or been a part of a successful tag team.

Tag Team wrestling is more of an art form than singles wrestling because the two wrestlers have to act as a cohesive unit and appear as if they have real chemistry even if they dont. 

Different teams over the years have been called the greatest tag team of all time.  Some that come to mind are LOD, the hart foundation, the rockers, the megapowers, the brisoce brothers, the von erichs and the fabulous freebirds.

Others from the newer generation to get some attention have been the Hardy boys, Edge and christian, the dudleys, the guerreros, and the outsiders.

Having real chemistry with a partner is not as easy as just being friends.  These guys have to have some kind of chemistry whether its two very similar guys like Edge and Christian or two very different partners like Rey and Batista.  Being close in real life is important but not as important as being close in the ring.

We have seen a decline in recent years in the push for great tag teams bacause so many guys want to be top dog al by themselves.  The WWE is really the only place to be a huge star now so Tag teams can't really develop through different promotion like they used to.  The Road Warriors, or Legion of Doom, worked in almost every company around back in the 80's and because of that they were always signed as a team, now the only place to go before the WWE is small independant promotions that get either little or no exposure outside of wrestling sites and magazines.

To see a loss to the wrestling world is sad because there used to be tag team matches that rivaled the main events.  I think everyone remembers the WM17 TLC match but can anyone rememeber who headlined the whole show? probably not.

The WWE appears to have tried to relaunch their tag team division by pairing successful singles wrestlers together to form tag teams like Jerishow and Mark Henry and MVP.  While teams like Cryme Tyme who have been a team the whole time are still in the mix.

Rating tag teams throughout history is always going to cause debate because everyone has a different opinion on what being the best entails.  Some people might say that the Von Erichs were the best because of their in ring ability, some might sayu the Hardys because of their death defying moves, and some might say that the Megapowers were the best because they were the two biggest stars of the day