Not the best weekend for Triple Crowns, horses, or horsepower

Mitchell HallCorrespondent IJune 9, 2008

For the majority of the last seven days two story-lines concerning triple crowns seemed to dominate the racing world:  Kyle Busch and Big Brown.  

Unfortunately for you horse racing fans, that is not something I am too knowledgeable about, so for this article I will look at Kyle Busch's less than stellar weekend and other items pertaining to NASCAR. 

Kyle Busch's triple crown consisted of three races on three consecutive nights in three different states.  Due to circumstances both within and beyond his control, he wound up starting at the rear for two out of three events. 

Normally this would only be a minor hiccup for Rowdy, but this weekend it proved too much to overcome. 

Texas Motor Speedway:  Everything started out as could be expected on Friday, with wholesale changes being made to the Billy Ballew Motorsports #51 shortly after the green flag fell. 

Kyle showed his ability as he took a truck he had never sat in through the rear half of the field twice, and to the front by the closing portions of the race.  With the laps winding away Busch found himself in second behind Ron Hornady.  After multiple restarts Busch was unable to find his way around Hornaday and had to settle for second place. 

After the race a dejected Busch compared his truck to a piece of crap and seemed relieved to get second place.  Little could we tell at the time, Kyle had damaged his momentum.  After all the hype and buildup for Kyle's own triple crown, he had failed to win the first leg. 

Nashville Superspeedway:  Saturday's race started out at a slow pace for Kyle.  After qualifying his own car and starting fifth, he took it easy and found himself within large packs of cars. 

This bit him on lap 89.  Joey Logano got bounced from one car to another and finally slammed into Busch behind his left front tire.  A few blown tires throughout the remainder of the race and Kyle had to settle for a 20th place finish. 

Pocono Raceway:  In practice on Saturday, Kyle managed to wreck his primary car, meaning he would get to start from the rear on Sunday. 

While working his way through the field he pulled up in front of Jamie Mac a little too quickly after passing him, at which point he found out what the wall feels like at Pocono.  What seemed like a small hit put him behind the wall for over 80 laps, and stuck him 43rd in the finishing order. 

Immediately after the accident you could hear Steve Addington (Crew Chief for the #18) on the radio with a distressed order to take it to the garage. 

This was touted as the first time a driver had attempted three races in three nights in three different states.  After the meager results turned in by Kyle I think we can see why. 

At this crucial point in the season, just past halfway to the start of the Chase, it is obvious that you would not want to damage your momentum or lose your "mojo." 

The next few weeks will tell how much damage has been done to Kyle's championship hopes. 

Crow Salad:  I will gladly offer to eat a little crow this week.  Last week I talked about the #88 and the severity of his accident and why it took him so long to get back out with so little damage. 

This week I will have to do the same to Kyle Busch.  He nosed into the wall after slight contact with Jamie Mac.  This damage should have been repaired in less than 80 laps.  Hopefully Kyle wasn't catching a nap in the hauler. 

I will not mention his name because I don't want to be accused of using it for attention, but kudo's to the #88 on another top 5.  However #88, get you butt in the gym, it looked like Pocono kicked your tell yesterday, and it will be getting a lot hotter in the next few months. 

Movers:  Don't look now, but Kasey Kahne is coming, and coming in a hurry.  Since the end of the All Star Open where he finished outside of the top two and failed to make the big race, allowing the fans to vote him in, and in the process light a fire under his rear end. 

If you remember how this goes when Jimmie Johnson does it, he will win a few and get hot, use the bonus points to get to the top in the Chase, and show out in the Chase. 

Yet another mover is A.J. Allmendinger along with Red Bull Racing as a whole.  Everyone, including me, thought he was out of that car earlier this year when they put Mike Skinner in for a few races.  Since A.J. got his seat back he has started turning this deal around.  A.J. finished 12th yesterday while Brian Vickers pulled off a 2nd. 

Another Red Bull racing standout you should check on is Scott Speed, who won the truck race last week, and got second in the ARCA race on Saturday. 

Also, congratulations to Brad Keselowski, the little known "driver that could" of JR/Hendricks Motorsports Nationwide Program won his first race Saturday night at Nashville.  In my opinion this can be counted as Jr's first win as an owner, since this was the car it all started in. 

Congrats to Tony Eury SR who won another one Saturday night as well, the old man can still get the job done!

Shakers:  Clint Bowyer and Tony Stewart have caught some bad luck as of late, and find themselves 11th and 12th in the points respectively.  With any luck this is just a slip.  They both like the slick tracks during the summer months better anyway, but it could be showing a problem with the big picture for Tony. 

It is bitterly obvious that Tony is a Chevrolet man at heart.  The cars he own still race Chevy engines, his Armor All commercial on TV shows off a shiny black Corvette, yet he is asked to strap into a Toyota Camry on race days. 

The one thing that speaks the loudest is that his teammates have combined to win 5 races and 14 top-fives, and Tony has no wins with only 4 top-fives.  If I was Richard Childress I would be figuring out what it would take to put Tony in that 4th car next year.

Everyone have a great week, see you after Michigan!