An Open Letter to the Michigan State Football Team from a Desperate Fan

Kyle FeldscherContributor INovember 3, 2009

Dear Michigan State football team,

You’re seriously making my head hurt.

Trying to wrap my head around all the things that happened Saturday night in Minnesota is like trying to understand what happens when objects enter black holes. I’m sure there’s a way to figure everything out, but to really get it, you have to end up crushed.

For my first three years of college here at State, I was gifted one horrifying loss per year: Notre Dame in 2006, Northwestern in 2007, and Ohio State in 2008. I really don’t think anyone deserves what has happened this year—four absolutely crushing losses against Central Michigan, Notre Dame, Iowa, and most recently, Minnesota.

By a combined total of 15 points.

With each game decided in the final seconds.

And each game having a particular if-that-had-gone-the-other-way-MSU-would-have-won play.

It’s getting bad. Yes, Michigan State University had one of the greatest feelings in college sports history during the run to the NCAA basketball national championship game in April, but don’t you think this is a bit overdoing the karmic payback thing?

All any MSU fan wants at this point is to not be home for Christmas during bowl season. Not only is a nice trip to a warm weather spot great for us Michiganders to get away from the biting December cold, but it gives you guys another month of practice.

If there’s one thing you’ve proved this season, it’s that you definitely need another month of practice.

I will say, the bad breaks you get game after game are ridiculous. Who didn’t see the ball pop up in the air and into a waiting Gopher’s hands for the winning touchdown and think, “Only us. Only the Spartans”? The sequence of events that has put this season on a razor’s edge between failure and success would be comical if they weren’t so incredibly heartbreaking.

From what it sounds like, coach Mark Dantonio has put the team into lock-down mode. No depth chart, only Greg Jones and Kirk Cousins available to the media—it reeks of panic. I’m not sure if I’m comforted that it feels like you’re feeling as desperate as I am, because my confidence in you is gone. I just hope your confidence in yourself is still there a little bit.

For the love of God, beat Western.


Kyle Feldscher