Appreciate The Greatness 3: Two Triple Threat Classics

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIINovember 3, 2009

Welcome to another great addition of ATG (Appreciate The Greatness). This is the third addition to the series where we take a look at some past and present matches that have greatness written all over them from start to finish.

Now with WWE Survivor Series & TNA Wrestling's Turning Point both around the corner, with three triple-threat matches for the main events, I thought it would be an awesome idea to look back at some of the great triple-threat matches of the past in order to prepare for the events right ahead of us.
First, what's ahead of us. Turning Point will be holding their TNA World Title bout, featuring AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels. In the WWE Survivor Series Title bout we'll see John Cena vs Triple H vs Shawn Michaels. The World Title bout will feature The Undertaker vs Chris Jericho vs The Big Show.
Triple-threat matches or "Three-way dance" (whatever you want to call it) have always been unique: They are always (at least the good ones) full of action, as it's more than one wrestler in the ring trying to get the win & the glory.
These matches ultimately bring a great storyline and potentially a great match. A three-way feud has it all and they are a fan favorite match for a select few fans around the wrestling world.

When the dust has settled and it's all said and done and it's time to throw down, these matches bring the action and usually don't disappoint.

That being said, let's jump in and take a look at some classic triple-threat matches.


What do you know we have one of the upcoming triple-threat matches already on the ATG (Appreciate The Greatness) list as these three have already participated in an epic battle.
That time it was for the X-Division Title, however. This time it's for a bigger prize; the TNA Wrestling's World Heavyweight Title which is held by "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles and will be defended at this year's Turning Point.
Until they go at it again, and possibly recreate the magic they made in that previous matchup, we'll just have to take a look back at the match that set the standard; where they put on one heck of a performance that had fans going crazy.
Not only did this match deliver in the ring it had an awesome buildup to it. While this may not be TNA's best feud, I can ensure you it's one of the best. It had intensity, fire, and heart throughout the course of the match.
What else can you ask for?
This match delivered 100 percent wither you agree or disagree you can still sit down and relax and Appreciate The Greatness of this match.
Samoa Joe entered TNA Wrestling with a message and that message was to destroy all that got in his way to the top of the TNA ladder. Two of those guys that were standing in his way for the X-Division Title were AJ Styles & at the time champion Christopher Daniels. 
But the only thing is these two were not backing down and were to put up one heck of a fight for X-Division supremacy. This match was set as Daniels interfered in the Sacrifice tournament finals to name a Number No. 1 contender for the X-Division Title between AJ Styles & Samoa Joe.
As a result of Daniels' interference Samoa Joe won. But this did not sit so well with TNA Director of Authority Larry Zbyszko so he decided to add Styles to the mix at Unbreakable 05.
This result set up an epic feud between the three which would all play out into a eruptive match as all the pressure and anticipation was unleashed in the ring as this three put it all on the line for the X Title.
These three did not wait to get things going; well Samoa Joe & AJ Styles didn't as they both went on attack mode to weaken the reigning X-Division champion.
Once they had Daniels down, they put on a show to up-one one another to prove who can cause more damage with brutal leg kicks to the back of the champ (Daniels).
Once Daniels was out of the picture the moment AJ went on to pursue an attack on the vicious Samoa Joe with two pin fall attempts...Samoa Joe was not thinking the same way as he put a halt to AJ's plans as Styles attempted to pull off another pin Joe pulled a nice reverse and applied an aggressive submission maneuver.
At this point Daniels made his return into the picture and set up his own aggressive attack on both Joe & Styles to prove that he must not be taken lightly...But Samoa Joe retained control over the match once again once he knocked Daniels out of the ring... Joe set Styles up in the corner and laid down some vicious strikes that weakened "The Phenomenal One."
But Daniels wasn't going to let Samoa Joe take the spotlight as he re-entered the ring and retained the match in his favor for a moment. These three were gassed, but this did not stop them from putting on one heck of a match.
These three continued to lay down some aggressive strikes and maneuvers to slow down their opponents. They fans could not stay quiet or seem to sit down as every bit of this match was great.
Once we thought we seen it all these three started to go air born and applied some awesome tricks that they had up their sleeves to keep the crowd and the fans at home in a so far gone stage.
Samoa Joe would then go on a rampage to try and end the match and he would eventually set up an incredible muscle buster on Styles which looked to be the end of an awesome match...But Daniels who was in a desperate need to save his belt ran in the ring with his coveted belt to attack Joe but Joe would counter with an awesome body slam.
Samoa Joe would then grab the belt and would taunt Daniels with it that is till the referee stepped in to take the belt to keep it out of the match... At that moment Daniels set up a kick to the head of Joe which laid him out.
Styles and Daniels would then stand toe to toe in the center of the 6-sided ring and would throw some vicious blows. They (Styles & Daniels) would continue to go at it till Daniels would take over and would set up a awesome BME (Best Moonsault Ever).
The match seemed to be over but Samoa Joe stopped the match to keep the X-Division Title on his mind. But Daniels would show just why he was champ and would place some sick maneuvers on the aggressive Samoa Joe.
From this point forward all three men looked to end the match and take the victory, belt and the glory in their favor... Each man would set up some awesome moves to finish the match but each man had the no quit effort.
But AJ Styles would seize the moment and would prove just why he is "Phenomenal" by securing the win and title by landing an awesome reverse to claim the win over Daniels.
This feud would continue on as these three had two more matches which didn't disappoint either...Now they have the opponent to show that when these three get in the ring they create pure magic so check out TNA Turning Point 09 to see if they can do just that.


This triple threat match was like no other as it was an two fall triple threat match for the IC & European Title which both at the time belonged to Kurt Angle.
This match was looked to be a great one as all three men deliver in most if not all of their matches...And to throw all three in the ring with two titles on the line you knew it was going to be an explosion.
Angle, Jericho and Benoit looked to still the show on the biggest stage of them all Wrestlemania 2000 (16) but these three had some stiff competition as they had to go up against a stacked card:
  • First Ever Thirteen-Man Battle Royal for the Hardcore Title: Crash Holly vs Hardcore Holly vs Tazz vs Gangrel vs Mean Street Posse vs Headbangers vs Viscera vs Acolytes vs Midian 
  • Triangle Ladder Match for the WWF Tag Team Titles: Hardy Boyz vs Dudley Boyz vs Edge & Christian
  • Another WrestleMania First: Fatal Four-Way Elimination Title Match for the WWF Title: Triple H (C) vs Big Show vs The Rock vs Mick Foley
And with some other potentially great matches on the card these three looked to blow the roof off the arena to steal the show.
Like in every other triple threat match there was no time being wasted as Benoit attacked Angle to get the upper hand over the champ and take control of the match.
All three set a pace in this match that seemed to never slow down as they beat each other down... Every moment each man thought they had the control of the match one of them would stop those thoughts by shifting the control by making their own aggressive attack.
All three men Angle, Benoit and Jericho were the aggressor in this epic three-way match and it would stay that way through out the match. The intensity in the air was at an all time high as these three delivered it first hand through out the entire match. It was like you could feel every slam, submission, and strike as they delivered it with an deadly fashion.
The match went back and forth and forth and back from all three opponents but Benoit would start to take control...Benoit took an golden opportunity and capitalized on it as he head dived his way to claim the IC Title with a pin over Jericho.
Angle started to become frustrated as he had now lost one of his titles and it looked like he would be losing the European title as well if he didn't take control... Angle started to put a clinic of slams on Benoit to try and contain his European Title.
Angle would then go up to the top rope to hit at what looked to be a moonsault but those plans were stopped by Jericho as he knocked Angle down on the top rope.
This would lead to an awesome spot in the match as Benoit joined along and set up a suplex on Jericho as they both hit the canvas of the mat leaving Angle on the top rope...
This led to another awesome spot in the match as Angle would try to pull off another moonsault but Benoit would move out of the way leaving Angle to fall face first on the mat (ouch).
Jericho would then take that time to try and capture the European Title but was stopped by the vicious Benoit...The match picked up right were it started from with all three men clawing to grab the victory and one of the belts if not both.
Benoit, Angle and Jericho continued to keep the crowds attention by making some devastating maneuvers on one another to keep the steady pace of the match. Like I stated before this match was full of action and it did not stop as each one tried to pull off the victory.
But the course of the match seemed to be changing once Jericho knocked out the referee by accident... Jericho used this chance to put the pain on Benoit by supplying the Walls of Jericho.
But Angle was not going to sit back and let his last title change hands like his IC title did so he grabbed his belt and bashed Jericho over the head.
Angle would try and pin Jericho but Benoit would stop the count and would then try and deliver another winning head dive... But Angle would remember just how he landed face first earlier in the match as well and moved out the way so Benoit could feel the same pain.
This led to Jericho taken the golden opportunity to claim the European Title and leaving Angle with nothing.
Now with all that said I hope you enjoyed this edition of ATG and please comment and leave feedback & your thoughts.

Thank you