Ranking Goose Lays The Golden Dome? USF THINKS So!

G TContributor INovember 3, 2009

Don't say anything about me "sounding biased". Yes, I like Notre Dame. But, I can look at reality and recognize it.


I recently read an article that states that Notre Dame is favored because of name. Specifically, over South Florida.

Honestly, who would rank ND over South Florida? Well, most everyone who has compared their schedules, that's who.

Should Notre Dame accept a BCS bid this year? Absolutely not. I'm afraid that the talent in the rest of the teams may be too much to handle, unless it were Boise or TCU, whom I believe Notre Dame could handle playing. No offense, TCU/BSU.

So, here we go with the schedules

Notre Dame's Schedule:

Nevada (Currently 5-3, Shutout, good offense that has a chance to be a bowl buster for Boise State)

Michigan (5-4, winning season so far, also, as many teams, not just Notre Dame, have had the benefit of discovering in the past: Early season losses don't always matter.)

Michigan St (4-5, But the thing about Michigan State, if you look at history in general, don't ask me why, but they are historically a giant killer. They'll come out once or twice a year, beat a well-playing, well-ranked team, and recede back into the darkness. Notre Dame got the MSU monkey off of their backs this year)

Purdue (3-6, But beat Ohio State: Why is it people aren't knocking on the pollster doors for Ohio State to be lower? "No, no, we'd like to focus all our efforts on Notre Dame. Why, you ask? Well....uh.... because it's Notre Dame! And, it's just not fair!")

Washington (3-5, But beat USC: see Purdue comment, and substitute USC for Ohio State. Here's a fun fact, Washington put up one single point less than USC did against Oregon)

USC (6-2, It's USC. They're good no matter which way you slice 'em. Don't say they're not just for the purposes of arguing AGAINST Notre Dame. If you DO want to say that, YOU PLAY THEM. This game was reminiscent of the 2005 battle.)

BC (6-3, A good BC crew. Who is currently 6-3, who beat a decent, I say that carefully, team in FSU. BC will most likely win out this year, and end up 9-3)

Wash. St. (1-7, The ONE complete spoiler, without argument, to Notre Dame's SOS)

Navy (6-3, Remember, Ohio State fans, the first game of the season? I believe that was in the Horseshoe wasn't it?)

Pittsburgh (7-1, This is THE team that should scare anyone right now. Partially because it's unexpected, and mainly because they're just a flat-out good all-around team. And, they already got to USF. Anyone else who says they're not afraid of playing them....probably just doesn't have them on their schedule.)

UConn (4-4, ...And we've not quite started basketball season! UConn, in quite an impressive performance, damn near knocked off WVU 28-24, Rutgers with, ironically, the same score, Pitt 24-21, NC 12-10. These marginal differences are enough to scare any team. Aside from that, I know ND has had mostly close wins. And that, is why I think they should not go to a BCS game this year.)

Stanford (5-3, Coming off a win this last week versus ASU 33-14, beat Washington quite well 34-14, beat UCLA who was undefeated when they came into the game after beating a good Tennessee squad two games prior. AT Tennessee, which is a tough stadium!)


Now, who has South Florida played? Let's review.

Wofford (??? - FCS)

W. Kentucky (???)

Charleston Southern (??? - FCS)

Florida St. (4-4, By 10, and so did BC, which Notre Dame beat)

Syracuse (Yes, they beat ND last year. LAST YEAR. Anyway, that's all I have to say about that. USF SHOULD win this game. They did still score 20 points on you.)

Cincinnati (8-0, Lost by 21 points. USF only scored one touchdown.)

Pittsburgh (7-1, THIS is the game that, hopefully, will quiet USF fans complaining about being behind Notre Dame.)

West Virginia (6-2, Decent game, not much to say except that they won't be ranked by the end of the season so it won't matter as much looking at the rest of WVU's schedule.)

Rutgers (6-2, This team has a chance to knock USF off of the charts. We'll see Nov. 12)

Louisville (3-5, with no outstanding wins over teams that were ranked. Keep in mind, all of ND's scheduled teams with losing records had gotten impressive wins over then-ranked and currently/still-ranked teams)

Miami (6-2, ..USF will have their hands full with this game, and will lose.)

UConn (Not a bad team. Notre Dame will most likely win this one. Will USF?)


There you have it. A third of USF's schedule including teams that many never knew existed. The toughest of all the games you have to play was Pittsburgh. And, they sure didn't come CLOSE to beating Pitt. I'd love to see USF play USC, and see if they came remotely close to winning.



My thought on Notre Dame accepting a bid to go to the BCS if they win out:


However, if they do, Notre Dame could handle either Boise State or TCU, readily, I believe.  I simply don't trust the BCS as far as placements.



One last thing: What is USF's graduation rate for their football team?

No, no, you're right, USF football players work so much harder, on AND off the field. They deserve it more.