Stop Crying About Spikes

Sean CallahanCorrespondent INovember 3, 2009

JACKSONVILLE, FL - OCTOBER 31:  Brandon Spikes #51 of the Florida Gators calls the defense against the Georgia Bulldogs at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium on October 31, 2009 in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Despite Oregon destroying USC, Iowa trailing Indiana, Texas blowing out Oklahoma State, and the resurrection of Tennnessee, one issue stands above all this week in College football land. A eye gouge in a pile up. You heard me..Now you might be laughing at this point, because if you as I played football, you know this is common. Apparently Gator Haters found something else to hold on to, while the Gator fan base has to once again defend their championship team. It's annoying to be a Gator fan now, and we are the best thing in CFB...I now respect USC fans a whole lot more for sure. Anyways, back to the point.

It's almost to the point of absurdity that this has become such a huge water cooler talking point. I have to seriously question if anyone crying about this eye gouge has ever played football (and that does not mean being the towel boy). Eye gouging, testicle grabbing, pinching, biting, clawing, twisting legs. These things happen in almost every pile. Spikes got caught, that's his fault, but he isn't alone in this form of dirty football

First let's watch some fun videos from other colleges and their dirty play, almost none of these players were suspended for their actions. Actually...most of the plays did not even receive a penalty. ... re=related ... re=related ... re=related ... re=related


I can show fifty more videos of dangerous and very deliberate cheap shots, but I think you got the point by now. Dirty play is everywhere in football, so while it may not be a GOOD part of the game, it is just that. Part of the game. Maybe West Virginia players have something to say about football pile ups.

Well...obviously that's just one team...and their probably just making excuses up. It's very rare though, Spikes is basically alone in this act. Right? Well, actually......

So apparently it happens quite often in the NFL, but I guess it's just the NFL, no college player, besides Spikes of course, would ever do something like this. I guess if you believe that there is no convincing you. Let's just read a little more. ... q=&f=false

We should just suspend the whole New England Patriots team. ... 1532_x.htm

I know, I wrote absolutely nothing in this article, but the point is quite clear. The only reason anyone is talking about this is because Georgia fans are looking for some sort of justification for the dismantling the Gators laid upon them. Every year there are new videos on blogs and video sites posted by Georgia fans after they lay another egg.

Maybe Georgia fans should be more like Florida fans. Tebow got stomped in the national title as shown above violently and hit after the play. We didn't complain, ask for suspensions, or run wild on video boards crying. We laughed, because we won. Something Georgia fans are no longer accustom to.

You want to know the honest reason Meyer suspended Spikes for half a game in my opinion? It's only because he got caught. Meyer probably laughed at this when he first heard it, because he knows this is common. Probably also the reason coach Richt hasn't complained or talked about it...or maybe he's worried about updating his resume. If the NCAA starts suspending players for illegal actions in piles...the towel boys won't even stay on the sidelines. Shut up already, you don't like Florida...that's it. Just admit it, we have arrogant fans, an annoying QB who has way to much coverage, and a cocky coach you can't help but hate. If an N.C. State player did this no one would of even mentioned it.

P.S. This is nothing like Blounts outrageous actions. Blount struck an opponent then a teammate first. Afterwards of course he tried to ensue a riot in the stands, and resisted arrest(violently I might add). Please stop the comparisons...your blind hatred for the Gators is so visible it's making my eyes bleed, pun intended.