What Has Happened To the Nebraska Cornhuskers' Play Calling?

brice tyrrellContributor INovember 3, 2009

There is no argument to what is wrong with the Nebraska Cornhuskers this year.  Their offense is absolutely awful, and the only reason we have won five games is because of the defense.  Our offense has definitely taken a few steps back from last year.  Everyone's favorite target seems to be Zac Lee.  To be honest Zac is actually pretty good, and most of the blame needs to be put on the play calling.

Last year we were throwing the ball 7-15 yards down the field every time we threw the ball.  This year Coach Watson seems to like the little bubble screens and short slants more.  Now I don't know if he just isn't comfortable with Zac throwing the ball a little more down the field, or if this is the offense he wants.

With Swift and Peterson it was posts, a 10 yard in, eight yard curl, fades, and flags.  Now I haven't seen our receivers running these routes this year.  If it worked so well for us last year, then why haven't we gone after it again?

Another thing that is going to come with a down field passing game, is the running game. During the Missouri game especially, the safeties were flying up whenever they read run, and were making the plays. 

Now if we were throwing the ball down field more to Paul, Holt, Cooper, then those safeties would have to respect that and it would open up the running game.  The deep passes would also open up the bubble screens that Coach Watson loves so much.  Lee has the arm and our receivers have the speed, so why not try to attack a defense vertically?

Last week we turned to Cody Green at quarterback to see how it would work out.  He played well with only one major mistake.  I just don't see him as the quick fix.  Lee has a more accurate arm, and some more experience.

Since Green is a true freshman he is going to have those decision making mistakes, which Lee has struggled with this year.  Since both are going to have less than average decision making this year, I think you go with the more accurate arm and experience.  Who ever we go with, I hope we do well to finish out the year on both sides of the ball. Go Big Red.