NFL Power Rankings: Week 9

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NFL Power Rankings: Week 9
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32. Buccaneers

31. Rams

Congrats on the win.

30. Lions

29. Browns

The D played well in Chicago.

28. Titans

Hey they won.

27. Chiefs

26. Redskins

25. Raiders

Sounds like coach has a few more skeletons in his closet. Not healthy for the team.

24. Seahawks

The bye obviously didn't help.

23. Jaguars

22. Panthers

What's up with this team? Nice win.

21. Bills

Home loss hurt.

20. 49ers

Kept it close versus the Colts.

19. Bears

Beat a terrible team at home.

18. Jets

The Jets have a few issues.

17. Dolphins

Huge win on the road.

16. Chargers

Did what they were supposed to.

15. Packers

Did the Packers O-line coaching staff not remember who Jared Allen is? I bet they know who Percy Harvin is: at least now they do.

14. Texans

Nice win on the road. But it came at a huge cost with losing Daniels for the entire year.

13. Giants

Another dud -more like a thud. This time in Philly.

12. Cardinals

Six turnovers in one game usually means a loss.

11. Falcons

Played the Saints tough for a while, but they have to get rid of turnovers and what's up with Elam? The rematch should be fun to see.

10. Ravens

The entire Baltimore fan base is relieved.

9. Cowboys

Beat a team they were suppose to. Romo continues to improve. A huge road test in Philly awaits.

8. Bengals

7. Eagles.

Spanked the Giants at home -without Westbrook.

6. Steelers

5. Broncos

Spanked on the road. I suppose it's better to happen now rather than later this season.

4. Patriots

3. Vikings

Huge win in Lambeau. Rookie Percy Harvin is good. The Vikings O-line did not give up a sack.

2. Colts

Edged out a win at home versus the Niners.

1. Saints

The Saints will not be slowed anytime soon. At least maybe until a re-match in Atlanta.

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