Mike Slive Has Turned the SEC Into the Biggest Joke of 2009

Steven ResnickSenior Writer INovember 2, 2009

Mike Slive is the commissioner of the SEC conference and he has turned it from one of the most dominating powerhouse conferences in the NCAA, but lately Slive has been in the news lately and it hasn't been for good reasons.

The first issue Slive has created for himself was his decision to start penalizing SEC football coaches by giving them bigger fines and if it gets to a certain point even suspending the coaches for calling out bad calls made by officials.

But, the funny thing about that is the fact that the SEC itself went ahead and suspended an officiating crew for a game after the SEC had ruled that the call on the field that was made was wrong.

I get the fact that Slive wants to clean up the SEC from coaches criticizing officials, but he may also want to fix his officiating problem as well. In fact the rule is now jokingly referred to as the "Lane Kiffin rule." Kiffin had been calling out officials for not calling an unsportsmanlike penalty when a player removed their helmet before the game was actually over.

Though the penalty wasn't called it still wouldn't have changed the outcome of the game for Tennessee.

Now, we may have the biggest joke and that is the fact that Slive accepted Urban Meyer's punishment of Brandon Spikes. The punishment for the eye gouge to Washaun Ealey was for one half of the Florida Gators next football game.

It was easy to call out Meyer for not having the guts to suspend his star linebacker Spikes, but not it's time to call out the joke of a commissioner that the SEC has in Slive. There is absolutely no way that Spikes should have been given a suspension for a half game.

There's nothing to justify the rationale of Slive for accepting the punishment that Meyer gave to Spikes.

In fact it's so easy to compare the case of LeGarrette Blount and Spikes. Both players did something incredibly stupid in the heat of the moment. Blount sucker punched a Boise State player and Spikes eye gouged Ealey.

In fact the University of Oregon Ducks within 24 hours of the incident had already suspended Blount for the remainder of the season, hence ending his career as a Duck. Was the punishment too severe? Absolute? Will Blount be able to get back on the field before the season is over? Absolutely.

But, that's what makes the punishment on the end of the Ducks so good is the fact that they didn't kick Blount off the team and instead gave him things to do and work on to hopefully be able to be reinstated from the suspension.

Although, he hasn't been reinstated yet, Blount should be playing again very soon. I don't think it's going to be against Stanford but it's a possibility after the Stanford game he'll be able to play again.

Spikes, on the other hand, didn't even receive any kind of punishment. In fact from what I read in an article is that Meyer's wife was the one that mentioned what happened and Meyer then reviewed what happened.

So, Meyer was unaware of the situation and when he found out he didn't do his job. He failed not only his Gator's team, Gator fans, himself, his wife and family, but also the NCAA and the SEC.

Slive is also just as guilty for doing that as well. If this is the SEC and how it will handle punishing of players then this is not the conference that the SEC makes it out to be.

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports wrote an article titled "http://rivals.yahoo.com/Florida's Punishment of Spikes Doesn't fit the Crime " in the article it has a poll which asks "Is Brandon Spikes' first half suspension punishment enough?

There has been 18,353 votes on the subject. 91 percent said the punishment wasn't enough and only 9 percent said that it was enough.

With nearly 20,000 votes I think it's safe to say that Slive is clearly wrong and he needs to admit that he made a mistake for accepting the punishment handed out by Meyer.

He then needs to go and fix the mistake by suspending Spikes for more than just one half and one game would be too lenient as well. The punishment should be at least two games and maybe even for the rest of the season.

Congratuations commissioner Slive you have turned the SEC into a joke and so has Meyer!

Again in my opinion a coach is there to be a leader, a teacher, to administer discipline, and to hold his players accountable. If the coach fails at that that's when the SEC or the NCAA must step into fix the situation.

The lack of a punishment to Spikes by Meyer doesn't hold him to any kind of discipline in fact it's rewarding him even allowing him to play in the Gators next game. The nation now knows just how pathetic Meyer really is and same goes with Slive.