Spikes Was Going For Ealey's Chinstrap (& Intimidation)...NOT His Eyes

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Spikes Was Going For Ealey's Chinstrap (& Intimidation)...NOT His Eyes
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The buzz around Gainesville is that Brandon Spikes was frustrated with having his helmet pulled off (on numerous occasions) by Georgia players last Saturday. He retaliated. Always a mistake.

He was attempting to unsnap Washaun Ealey's chinstrap and NOT trying to gouge his eyes. Please! Ealy would be in the care of a Georgia eye surgeon if the latter were true. Take a look at the helmets in the photo above - two of the snaps are located next to the player's eyes.

Let's remember that Ealey made no complaint to the officials or his coaches after the play. Further, he got up showing no ill effects whatsoever.

Spikes is getting a bum rap on this deal. Sources say Meyer accepted Spikes explanation regarding the chinstrap incident, but considered the action to be unsportsmanlike, and Spikes agreed. The one half suspension may be a little excessive, but considering the furor this deal has created in the media, the suspension is probably unavoidable.

Seems that Coach Meyer has handled this matter in a somewhat strict but in a fair and reasonable manner.

Case closed. Play football.


My inside Gator source informs me that the incident started with Spikes trying to remove Ealey's helmet but escalated after Ealey made some abusive comments. Spikes then shoved his fingers into Ealey's helmet to intimadate and harrass him. Spikes, however, had NO intention of harming Ealey's eyes.

Bottom line:

1. Ealey was NOT INJURED in any way shape or form.

2. Ealey made no complaint to any official, team mate, or coach.

3. Ealey was immediately ready for the next play.

4. No harm, no foul (with the exception of unsportsmanlike conduct which Meyer handled appropriately).

As I said before, case closed - play football.




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