The NCAA and SEC Must Overrule the Suspension of Brandon Spikes

Steven ResnickSenior Writer INovember 2, 2009

JACKSONVILLE, FL - OCTOBER 31:  Brandon Spikes #51 and Duke Lemmens #44 of the Florida Gators tackle Washaun Ealey #24 of the Georgia Bulldogs at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium on October 31, 2009 in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The NCAA or the SEC needs to overrule the suspension of Brandon Spikes because the penalty that was handed down by the University of Florida football coach Urban Meyer is an absolute joke. Spikes will be suspended for one half for gouging the eyes of Georgia running back Washaun Ealey.

After watching PTI on ESPN discussing if the suspension was fair or not and actually seeing the replay, it is clear that Meyer failed the Florida football team and the NCAA by suspending Spikes for only a half.

Michael Wilbon tried explaining that there are things that happen under the pile that would be considered dirty or not very legal, but that really doesn't take precedent here.

Yes, Wilbon is correct things happen in a pile and just because it does happen there doesn't make it right. It wasn't like Spikes was discreet about it either, it was blatant and it was an attempt to injure someone.

I don't even think one game was justifiable at this point. It should have been at least a two game. When a defensive player purposefully sticks his hand through the helmet of an opposing player and tries to take out their eye and all that's handed down is a half game suspension, it doesn't reflect well on the player, the coach, the university, and the NCAA.

That is why the SEC either needs to take control of the situation, and if the SEC decides that Florida's actions where sufficient enough then the NCAA needs to step in and address the situation.

Spikes' actions that he took was despicable. Yet, the inaction of Meyer to truly punish his player is truly even more despicable. The actions by Spikes itself is worse than the sucker punch thrown by LaGarrette Blount.

If I'm the SEC as well I'd be questioning the officials for not ejecting Spikes after that play.

Also, it's fair to say that Meyer has failed the Gators football team by not suspending Spikes for a longer period. It shows that he does not have control of the team and that he indeed has failed at his job.

Sure, he's won National Champions with the Gators, but with a lack of discipline the football team has had over the years under Meyer and now the inaction of Meyer to take appropriate measures on a player that deserve them is why the Gators are becoming a joke.

A coach is supposed to provide leadership, discipline, and respect. None of those things apply with Meyer's actions. That is why the SEC needs to step in and make it clear that they do not feel that Meyer's decision to suspend Spikes for a half is an appropriate discipline for his actions. 

Here's the clip of the eye gouging incident. It is clear that it was a purposeful attempt to injure the Bulldogs running back and going for the eyes of a player doesn't reflect well either.

Another aspect of this story is the fact that Spikes draft stock is going to take a huge hit and it should. A few weeks ago I was watching the Gators play and he level an absolute cheap shot while a player was out of bound and was called for the late hit while the player was out of bounds.

To make it worse, it wasn't even the player with the ball.