Big TNA News: Top Star Committing Career Suicide and Hogan Is a No Show?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIINovember 2, 2009

As many of you have heard by now, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have signed with TNA Wrestling. Now, this came at a good time because TNA could really use some help these days. They are really progressing after the signing, and there are some big things happening there now. We can safely say the signing has helped moral there, but we will have to wait and see if it helps the company in the long run.

However, with the news that has recently come out about Hogan, the moral may have taken a hit. TNA scheduled iMPACT tapings for this week which would have given both Hogan and Bischoff plenty of time and notice about showing up on the show.

Hogan is not going to be there, and some are not sure if he will ever make an appearance on the show itself. The Hulkster has said in numerous interviews that he is still unsure if he will ever get back in the ring on TV. He said that he knows he won't get in a TNA ring until after his Australian Tour.

That Tour is not for a little while, so Hogan will not wrestle at least at this point in TNA. However, like he has done thousands of times before, he could make an appearance or two. TNA iMPACT actually did well last week, as it went up a few points.

Keep in mind it went up against the World Series, College Football, and the NBA. So, for it to not lose, but gain, is pretty good. Had it not have gone up against all three powers, it may have gone higher.

So Hogan does help ratings, and I am sure other big names would as well.

TNA is upset about Hogan missing the taping, but there is word that Bischoff will be there. TNA officials believe that if he also does not show, that the partnership will not go as well as they planned as they assumed the two would make appearances, even coming on as regulars.

Many feel that if he works the show that it will show interest on both sides, but if he does not show, then they believe Hogan will never make a show. We will have to see, but that is what is going on now.

I would assume that Bischoff would appear, mainly because TNA needs him to and he does like public attention. I say expect him to be there, but his role on the show is yet to be determined.

In surprising news, is reporting that Frank Kazarian known as "Kaz" and "Suicide", has asked for his release. He feels that his character is being misused terribly. He feels the creative direction of Suicide has gone downhill, and he really wanted to go.

TNA management initially granted the release, until AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels smoothed things over. The release was never finalized and Kazarian is still with the company. Some believe that because he is so sick of how Suicide is being used that the character will finally be cut.

Similar to Curry Man, Daniels knows the trials of working a completely different character than what he is used to. Which is probably how he helped to smooth over the situation with Kazarian.

But, Daniels will tell you now that he likes the Daniels character better. I feel Suicide has run its course. The character was developed to help spark interest in the TNA iMPACT video game which came out last October.

Kazarian was initially hurt and unable to work as Suicide, so Daniels covered for him until he was able to work the character. But, he was used incredibly well at the time, even winning an X- Division Title.

But the character has gone south since, and now he is just another mid-carder. So, the only way I would think Kazarian would stay is if Kaz would come back soon. 

It looks like we could see a Suicide unmasking, which would be far better than the way Curry Man went out.

Like others, I miss the Kaz character which we have not seen in over a year. He was used well, and was World Championship material. But, he was pushed into doing the Suicide character that he was said to have not had early interest in playing.

But because he is a team player, he did the character anyway. With early success it was easy to be Suicide I'm sure, but now that TNA is not using him as well as before, Suicide is getting stale and creative probably does not know a great way to use him. Which is why we have not seen a great angle with him in some time now.

I say look for a reveal within the next month or two, Kaz will most likely be coming back.