Should 'Dega Be Changed?

Chad MuzzzilloContributor INovember 2, 2009

TALLADEGA, AL - NOVEMBER 01:  Jamie McMurray, driver of the #26 IRWIN Marathon Ford, leads the field during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series AMP Energy 500 at Talladega Superspeedway on November 1, 2009 in Talladega, Alabama.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Should the super speedway know as simply as 'Dega be changed? I have read and heard the drivers comments. And I have read the blogs and postings by fans all over the internet. All saying let the drivers race, or let them bump draft wherever they want.

Recently I was watching the movie Dale again for the I don't know what hundredth time I realized something. They did not slam dance at 200 mph, or bump draft as the drivers like to call it. If drivers could race restrictor plate races before with out bump drafting why can't they do it now? I am sure the drivers could race without bump drafting, after all we watch them do it at every other track.

Before I tell NASCAR how to fix racing at 'Dega I will say taking the plates off is NOT the answer. I am sorry but its just not going to happen. Why? For starters its not a matter of if a driver will die but how many will die. Second I don't care how high the fence is at 230+ mph no fence will hold the car back so its also a matter of how many fans will die. And so for the two reasons just mentioned the insurance policy would be so high priced the track could not afford the premium.

OK so now that taking the plates off is not an option what else can be done? I have heard of taking the banking out, but then we have another Indy. Not to mention the cost of rebuilding the track. I don't think that is really an option at this point with the way the economy is right now.

Here are a some options that would not cost the teams much in money or the track.

1. Goodyear builds a tire that is not the same at the end of the run as it is at the begining. I am sorry but a team should not be able to get fuel only and be able to run as fast as the teams with 30 lap newer tires. There needs to be some tire fall off so that handeling becomes an issue and the driver is forced to drive not just steer. You drive by using the throttle, brake, and steering wheel, not just holding the throttle wide open turing the wheel.

2. Limit the size of the opening of air to the motor. In other words smaller holes for air at the front of the car. This will get the cars out of follow the leader. If they want to play follow the leader they will run the risk of over heating. This should not be a major change just a small one. I don'd mide close racing in fact I love it. But on the other hand I don't want to see a driver tucked under someones back bumper for 15 laps either. Just make the holes small enough that if someone does not want to race and just ride around under the back bumper of the car in front of him, he is taking a chance on doing damage to the motor.

3. Last no renforced bumpers. If you want to slam dance you will affect the areodynamics of your car. If you want to pass someone use the air, lay back a couple of car links then get a run and pass him the old fashioned way. I did see that method of pass used alot in the movie Dale. Not the get my buddy to push me past him way. This way would probably even save the teams some money too.