A Recipe For Crow a la Ginn

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A Recipe For Crow a la Ginn
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We're eating a lot of crow on The Phinisher this week. Ted Ginn, Jr. is a Miami Dolphin and our thumbs, to quote Cammy Cameron, are going the right way.

I thought it would have been impossible for number 19 to get out of the doghouse he climbed in last week--and then this happens. It kind of makes you wonder why he hasn't been doing this all along.

During Ginn's rookie year he took a punt back for a touchdown and had two kickoff returns called back on him. Clearly he has the knack for doing this.

All and all it wasn't exactly the way you'd like to win, but hey, winning is great. Especially when you get to shove the blabber mouth mutants back down into the New Jersey cesspool where they belong.

So, in honor of Ted Ginn's amazing performance I offer up this recipe.

"Mathews Magic Stew"


20-24 crow breast pieces (10-12 crows)
1 bag of celery
2 onions
2 pounds of baby carrots
2 cans of beef consume
1 cup flour


Chop up celery and onions. In a crock pot, place two alternating layers of meat -onions -celery -and carrots. Pour both cans of consume into pot. Let cook for 6-10 hours. A half hour before you are ready to serve, remove about 5-6 cups of liquid and mix with 1 cup of flour for a thickener. Mix all contents (stew & thickener) well. Let stand for half an hour, season with salt & pepper to taste, and enjoy. This recipe works well with almost all game (and non-game) animals. Some that I have tried are Deer, Squirrel, Rabbit, Pigeon, Duck, Goose, Bear, and Beaver.

Thanks to Crow Busters for the recipe.

Have to say that I'm generally a fan of the the crow and would much rather leave alone and alive, but when Ted Ginn force fed Dolphins' fans two beautiful kick returns all I can do is pick up a fork and dig in.

Go Phins!!! Enjoy your crow. I'm eating it all week long.


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