Ignoring Results: The Plague Of College Football

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Ignoring Results: The Plague Of College Football
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There’s a reason men love sports. Men like absolute results. We do, plain and simple. Every sport is done in absolutes. At the end of the Daytona 500, there’s a winner. You can’t argue it and you don’t need to defend it.  At the end of the NFL season, we have a super bowl winner. No matter how people play, no matter how it goes, the end of the game provides a winner. There is one sport that doesn’t follow this. College football. Now we vote on who is best. Well not “we”, but others. Sports writers, coaches, some guy named Harris, and some top secret computers in a secret military facility.   So far this year there are seven teams left undefeated; Florida, Texas, Alabama, Cincinatti, Iowa, TCU, and Boise State.  How can voters decide which of these seven deserve the top two spots?  When the teams don’t play each other it’s hard to say who is better, but what about when they do play each other? Is it hard then?

In 2010, if Florida went 11-0 and USC was 11-0, and on the final game of the season, they played and Florida won, not a single voter in ANY poll would still put USC over Florida. It would just be easy. The two played, we had a winner, and now we know. Even if the gators won by one point with a Hail Mary at the end, the country would know. So why is it so hard for voters with Boise State and Oregon?  In case the world forgot, these two teams met in Boise on September 3rd. Boise State won 19-8. Don’t let the score fool you. BSU dominated that game from start to finish. Oregon had zero first downs in the first half. That’s right, zero, one less than one.  This was also the first game of the season, which means both teams had the entire summer to prepare. Oregon had every motivation to win that game. The previous year BSU beat them in the Autzen Zoo. During the summer, several ducks were quoted in ESPN magazine talking about how they can’t wait to “take it to them”.   Now all the nation remembers is a sucker punch. BSU fans must have known the minute the punch was thrown, that the game would become old news only 10 seconds afterwards. The headline wouldn’t be about the game, but the post game. Now that’s coming back to bite BSU. Oregon hasn’t lost since, and is coming off a pac-10 coup, overthrowing USC as reigning champ. Several voters have already forgotten what happened back in September. The Idaho Statesman ran a story about the seven AP voters who put Oregon ahead of Boise State. This is just plain wrong.

There is the NO evidence to show Oregon is better than BSU in ANY WAY. The fact that Oregon has a harder schedule doesn’t tarnish BSU at all. Between the last seven undefeated teams, we have little evidence that Boise State is the best in the nation, but we have no evidence that they aren’t. BSU hasn’t lost! Having a harder schedule doesn’t make you a better team.  Until BSU loses a game, you cannot put Oregon ahead of them. You can’t, plain and simple. They played and Boise State won.   We can’t start ignoring game results, if we do, this turns into a pageant, or some sort of terrible American Idol contest where the performances on the field aren’t judge by the score at the end of the game, but the subjective performances of each team. It’s why we love sports! It’s the one thing we have where the end is clear and the winner is obvious. At the end of the super bowl, they don’t give the trophy to who looked better all year. It goes to the winner, every time. It’s how sports are meant to be. If Oregon is third, Boise State has to be second. The results are absolute.

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