Revenge Of The Fallen: Carolina Rises Like A Phoenix

Christopher BurchCorrespondent INovember 2, 2009

Whats Up Panther Nation? It is another Panther victory Monday, What an awesome game yesterday for our guys. I know I was critical of Jake Delhomme, I still am, but it was nice to see our guys put up 34 points against the Cardinals. Hopefully this will give this team a flare for the remainder of the season, I also got to give a shout out to our defense these guys have picked up the pace ever since the Bye week in week 4.


Im starting with the offense today, the Panthers have brighten my Monday, Double Trouble was in the house yesterday doing what they do best and that making defense's look defensless'. We faced one of the top run stop defenses Sunday, Arizona has held their opponents to an average of 96.4 yards this season so far, but they could not stop Double Trouble from making plays, DeAngelo Williams ran for 158 yards and Jonathan Stewart had 87 yard with two touchdowns giving Double Trouble a combined 245 yard rushing. Also with his second 100 yard rushing game DeAngelo Williams became the Carolina Panthers All-Time Leading Rusher, he is now above former Panther Deshaun Foster, also DeAngelo broke another record on a 77 yard run which is the longest in team history. Finally, Steve Smith got a touchdown pass thrown from Jake Delhomme, his first touchdown pass to a wide out this season.  Jake threw for 90 yards on 7 of 14 completions which is a good key factor, he did not have to pass the ball often , Delhomme did go out in the 3rd Quarter due a chest injury so backup Matt Moore stepped in he didn't really pass the ball any more so hand it off to running backs, Jake did got to the hospital for an MRI but he was able to travel with the team back to Charlotte.

Now for our defense, what more can I say, everything just clicked from the begining to the end, Julius Peppers had a interception for a touchdown his first since 2004, "JP" also had a sack and a forced fumble that was recovered by Tyler Brayton. The rookie Sherrod Martin had an outstanding game picking off the 2-time Super Bowl veteran Kurt Warner; twice on Sunday, this has brought me to ask "Should Sherrod Martin Be Looked At To Start Over Godfrey?" This past Sunday, Godfrey was out due to injury but looking back on this year and last year Charles Godfrey seems like he is always out of position in a game. You Guys tell me what you think. Other players that had interception on the day, Thomas Davis, and Richard Marshall.

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GO Panthers!!!!!!