PAC-10 Vs SEC: Who's The Best?

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PAC-10 Vs SEC: Who's The Best?
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Everywhere I look and everywhere I go everyone is saying the same thing. SEC is the best conference in the country. They are so fast, great defenses and have won the most championships.

While I am not writing this to hate on the BCS, I really think that argument is illegitimate. So, we should note that the PAC-10 is just as fast as the SEC. This has been seen in the past with eight years of dominance by the USC. However, it has also been displayed the last few years by Oregon and others.

What are the top teams in the SEC? Florida, Alabama, LSU and Georgia. In the PAC-10 we have USC and Oregon. In which case, I like USC as the best of those six programs and I think Oregon can hang with all four of those top SEC teams.

PAC-10's strength is really the other teams. Such as Arizona, Arizona State, and California and Oregon State. These teams not only give USC and Oregon all fits of trouble, but they perform really well in bowl games and in non-conference play.

What does the SEC tout? Tennessee? Arkansas? Mississippi? These teams while they have their spurts are not really comparable to the second tier teams in the PAC-10. I also think that outside of Washington State, the PAC-10's lower tier of teams are better than SEC. Stanford, for example, can makes games with anyone, most notably the upset that made against USC a few years back.

All in all, I am not saying the SEC is a poor conference, it is a very good conference. I think the Big XII, SEC, Big Ten and PAC-10 are very close in terms of quality. I just don't buy into the SEC being better, just because they have more undefeated teams, or more championships. USC has had it's troubles over the last few years and the PAC-10 only gets better every year.

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