Some Helpful Excuses For Those Who Need Them In College Football

Kevin TrahanAnalyst INovember 2, 2009

Excuses are aplenty throughout college football this season and controversey seems to be at its highest in years. Due to the intense criticism, here are some excuses for those at the center of the controversies to use:

Brandon Spikes:

"I was helping him get a bug out of his eye." - On his apparent eye gauge of Georgia's Washaun Ealy.

Boise State:

"The BCS is unfair." - Basically works for any of their problems.


"You try losing less than three games without Sam Bradford." - On the loss of quarterback Sam Bradford.

Big Ten Replay Official:

"I thought it would be funny to watch Indiana coach Bill Lynch throw his gum again." - On his questionable calls in the Iowa-Indiana game.


"We're obviously better than the Big Ten, so we deserve an automatic Rose Bowl bid." - On why they should take over the Big Ten's automatic BCS bid.


"Since when are games four quarters long?" - On blowing big leads to Iowa and Northwestern in the fourth quarter.


"I know it sounds crazy, but trust us, Northern Iowa is a good team." - On needing to block two field goals in the final seconds to beat Northern Iowa.

West Virginia:

"Rich Rodriguez paid the refs so we would lose." - On mediocre seasons over the past two years.


"If we could just play Boise State again, I swear we would win." - On losing to Boise State in the first game of the season.

Lane Kiffin:

"Wait, why is that a violation?" - On his numerous NCAA recruiting violations.

Tim Tebow:

"Because, as you know, I'm the nicest, most incredible athlete to ever live." - On why he should get the Heisman Trophy.

Ron Zook:

"Remember the 2007 Rose Bowl?" - On why he should keep his job.


"Does having Greg Paulus as our quarterback count as an additional win?" - On their recent football struggles.

Charlie Weis:

"6-2 really isn't that bad." -  On why he should keep his job.

LaGarrette Blount:

"He dared me to do it." - On punching a Boise State player in the jaw after a loss to the Broncos.

Florida State:

"Defense is overrated." - On their awful defense.


"We're still obviously the best team in the Pac-10. The state of Oregon just hates us." - On their recent struggles in Oregon.

Big 12 North:

"70 percent of America still believes we're better than the MAC." - On being awful this season.