Buccaneers: One Is the Loneliest Number

JC De La TorreAnalyst IIINovember 2, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - OCTOBER 11:  Raheem Morris, head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers walks to the sidelines against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on October 11, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Then there was one. Yes fans, your Tampa Bay Buccaneers are now the only win-less team in the National Football League, thanks to the Rams winning on the road in Detroit, and the Titans rising from the dead like a Halloween ghost, and thrashing the Jags.

For Buccaneer fans, the humiliation doesn't get much worse.

At the beginning of the season, it was whispered about in hushed tones.

"The Bucs could be 0-7 at the bye," one would say.

"Nah, there's got to be a win in there some where," the other would reply.

"Who?" the pessimist would retort.

"Buffalo...Washington?" the optimist would suggest.

"Both games are on the road. Do you really think this team can win a road game?"

The hushed truth came to stark reality for Bucs fans when Tampa Bay was smacked around by the Patriots like a pimp putting his "workers" in order.


They weren't the only ones. Tennessee and St. Louis got there, too. Both teams played their eighth games of the season while the Buccaneers had a week to think about their plight.

The dagger had to dig a little deeper for the Buccaneers' players and coaches as they watched the Titans and Rams get off the snide.

Not only are the Bucs the League's only win-less team, they also have the longest losing streak at 11 games.

It was like this in 1983 for John McKay's orange clad club. Those Bucs fell to 0-9 before shocking the 6-3 Minnesota Vikings 17-12.

After falling behind 9-0, David Logan returned a fumble 54 yards for a touchdown, and James Wilder broke off a 75 yard touchdown run to give Tampa Bay a 14-9 lead.

Wilder finished with 219 yards rushing, and a touchdown that day.

Leeman Bennett's 1985 Buccaneers also fell to 0-9 before getting their first win. The Bucs shut out the St. Louis Cardinals 16-0, getting three field goals from Donald Igwebuike, and a one yard touchdown pass from Steve Deberg.

In 1991, Richard Williamson's Bucs started 0-5. They broke the streak at the expense of the 3-2 Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles jumped to a 13-0 lead before Tampa Bay rallied in the fourth quarter, getting two touchdown passes from Chris Chandler, the final one—a five yard score to Bruce Hill—gave the Bucs the win.

Tony Dungy's first team also started the season 0-5. Facing the 5-1 Minnesota Vikings, the Bucs got three touchdown passes from Trent Dilfer, one of which went to an unknown rookie fullback named Mike Alstott, and whipped the Vikings 24-13.

Of course, we all know the 1976 team didn't win a game. Not many realize that the 77 team was on their way to win-less as well. They started the season 0-12 before finally breaking through with the franchise's first victory.

Facing an equally putrid 3-9, New Orleans Saints on the road, the Bucs scored three defensive touchdowns in route to a 33-14 thrashing of the Saints.

New Orleans coach Hank Stram was fired the next day.

The Buccaneers picked a great time to bring back Buccaneer Bruce.

Take heart, though, Bucs Fans.

While the schedule looks daunting and it's hard to see where the Bucs will get that first win if history has taught us anything—the first one will come when you least expect it.

It could be this week against Green Bay. The Packers are coming off an emotional loss to division rival Minnesota at home, and they have a big game against the Dallas Cowboys on the horizon.

The Tampa Bay game is your classic trap game.

Then again, Aaron Rodgers and the Pack could be really ticked off and take out their frustrations on the creamsicle krewe.

At some point Raheem's team will get one...let's hope it's this week.